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  • Are you curious about the value of your Samsung Phone? Are you considering selling it? If so, it's important to know that the price of Samsung Phones can vary greatly between different websites, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.
  • The condition of your phone also plays a role in determining its worth. To ensure you get the best price, use our live Samsung Phone valuation calculator below. It instantly shows you the highest price for your phone across all conditions. Our calculator gathers data from over 40 top buyers, making it the most reliable and accurate calculator in the US.

The value of your Samsung Phone can vary greatly depending on the online store you choose to sell it on. Additionally, the condition of your device, whether it is in working order or not, will also impact its worth. Furthermore, the carrier you are associated with can also affect the value of your Samsung Phone.

Don't worry, we have simplified the process for you by providing a comprehensive list of the best prices available from over 40 buyers. These prices are updated in real-time, allowing you to quickly and easily determine the value of your Samsung Phone in any condition. You can always trust us to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the resale value of your Samsung Phone.

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Samsung Phone Depreciation



Model Like New Good Poor Faulty
Galaxy S8+ 64GB $41.00 $31.00 $25.00 $5.00 COMPARE DEALS >>
Galaxy S8 64GB $31.00 $21.00 $13.00 $4.00 COMPARE DEALS >>

How Does SellCell Provide an Instant Valuation for your Samsung Phone?

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