Cell Phone Unlocking - How to Unlock Your Cell

Cell Phone Unlocking

Cell Phone Unlocking - How to Unlock Your Cell

There are lots of benefits to unlocking your cell phone such as switching to a cheaper sim-only tariff and getting cheaper calls when you are abroad. However the big difference between a locked and unlocked cell phone is the price you could receive should you come to recycle it.

Below we explain how simple the unlocking process is

Why should you unlock your Cell Phone?

There are a number of benefits to unlocking your cell phone.

  1. Unlocking your cell phone can save you money by allowing you to switch to a cheaper sim-only tariff
  2. When you travel abroad you’ll be able to swap your SIM card for one provided by a local service provider for cheap international calls and data.
  3. Unlocked Cell Phones are worth more money when recycled through SellCell.com
  4. You might simply wish to have a cell phone that you can switch SIM cards with. This is particularly useful if a friend wants to use their SIM card in your cell phone.

Will I get more money if I unlock my phone

Yes! An unlocked cell phone is worth more money if you are selling it on SellCell.com. So it is generally worth the cost unlocking it.

Is my Cell Phone locked?

Your cell phone is locked if it doesn’t accept a SIM card from another network provider. If you put another SIM card into your cell phone and an error message is displayed, then this strongly indicates that your cell phone is locked to a network.

Is it legal to unlock my Cell Phone?

Until recently, unlocking your phone in the US was illegal, however recent legislation now allows consumers to get their phones unlocked by their carriers provided they're eligible.

Won't my Cell Phone be automatically unlocked?

In 2014 a law was passed that meant all US network carried must unlock their customer's handsets once they reach the end of the contract. However this isn't an automatic process, the law states that the carriers must provide the option to unlock your cell phone - should you ask for it.

Going through your carrier may not always be the quickest solution to unlocking your cell phone, most carriers will make their customers jump through several hoops to prove their elibility before releasing the phone. This can include proving you are the registered owner of the device and that your account is in good standing (paid up).

For some customers this simply isn't possible, which is where our preferred cell phone unlocker doctorSIM comes in. If you need your phone unlocked quickly, or whilst in the middle of your contract, you can go through DoctorSIM's website and request an unlock code!

It is worth noting however that this does not terminate any contract you may have with the carrier. This must be done separately through the carrier.

What information is required to unlock my Cell Phone?

Four pieces of information are required in order to unlock your handset:

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. IMEI
  4. Network

Your IMEI number is a 15 digit number which uniquely identifies your cell phone. You can find out what your IMEI number is by typing *#06# into your phones keypad. If this doesn’t work, then you might find it on the box it came in or on the back of your cell phone.

How much does it cost?

The price to unlock your cell phone depends on a number of factors including type of cell phone, which network your cell phone is locked to, what method you use to unlock your cell phone and how quickly you need it unlocking.

For a price to unlock your cell phone, either speak to your network service provider or try an online cell phone unlocking site

How do I unlock my cell phone?

Firstly, if you haven't already we recommend speaking to your network provider first (e.g. Verizon, Sprint etc). They often offer the cheapest unlocking prices and if your contact is finished it's free of charge provided you're eligible!

Alternatively you could use an online cell phone unlocking site such as doctorSIM that offers an unlocking service for all makes and models of phones and tablets.

Whichever route you choose, unlocking a cell phone is as simple as obtaining the cell phone unlock code. Once you request an unlock from the network provider or cell phone unlocking company this will be sent to you. Enter this code in your cell phone and your cell phone will now be unlocked and able to accept sim cards from any compatible network.

Below is our recommended online cell phone unlocking solution doctorSIM. Backed by a five star reputation on Trustpilot, they are one of the biggest and most trusted cell phone unlocking brands in the US.