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If you're wondering "Can I sell my broken phone?" The answer is - YES!

Customers often ask if they can still sell their phone or tablet through SellCell if it's broken. The answer is categorically YES!

OMG... YES!!!

It doesn't matter what condition your phone, tablet or other mobile device is in you can still sell it here at SellCell. So, whether your phone has a cracked screen, faulty LCD or won't turn on you can still be guaranteed of getting the most money for it at SellCell.

In fact, this is very common. Approximately 20%+ of all phones sold through SellCell are broken or faulty in some way so you're not alone. This makes sense because recent research by SquareTrade estimates that 66% of smartphone owners have damaged their phone. This suggests a huge proportion of people break their phone at some point so don't feel bad you're in good company!

The good news is that you can still often get a lot of money for your phone even if it's broken. This is because the cell phone buyers on SellCell actually specialize in buying broken phones as they repair and refurbish them to restore them back to working order so they can often still pay high prices for broken phones. It doesn't matter if your device only has minor faults or is completely smashed there will always be a buyer for it at SellCell.

SellCell is the best place to sell broken phones, tablets and other tech because our unique price comparison technology compares prices from all the different broken cell phone buyers out there to get you the guaranteed most cash for your device, no matter what condition it is in!

So if you want to sell a broken cell phone for the most cash then try SellCell! You might be pleasantly surprised just how much you can get. Find out how much your broken phone is worth today!



Sell My Broken Phone - Why Use SellCell?

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SellCell is the No. 1 price comparison site in the US for selling used phones, tablets and other electronics. Millions of happy customers have successfully sold their tech via SellCell for the most cash. So if you're looking to sell a broken phone you're in safe hands!

Totally Free and Impartial

SellCell is completely free and totally impartial. We show you the best prices for your device from leading buyers along with independently verified customer reviews to help you make the right decision

Best Price Guarantee

SellCell compares prices from all the different buyback companies out there that specialize in buying broken phones to help get you the most cash and our Best Price Guarantee gives you peace of mind that if you find a better price elsewhere then we'll pay you double the difference

Saves You Time and Hassle

To get the most cash when you trade in a broken phone you need to shop around as the prices from different buyback companies varies a lot, especially for broken phones. SellCell saves you the time and hassle of shopping around by instantly comparing prices from all the leading buyers in one place. It's the only site you need!

Can you get money for broken phones? Are broken cell phones worth anything?

Yes! Even if your phone is broken it can still be worth a significant amount of money.

Phones are very expensive devices. If you break your phone it may still have significant value. Most damage to phones such as a smashed screen, faulty camera or dead battery can be repaired so companies like the ones featured on SellCell will buy your broken phone and repair it. This means they actively look to buy broken phones.

So doesn't matter if your phone is cracked, smashed, has a broken screen, won't turn on, is water damaged or completely dead you can still sell it here at SellCell!

Want to know how much your broken phone is worth? Simply search for it above for an instant valuation

Where can I sell a broken phone?

Right here! :)

It doesn't matter what condition your phone is in you can sell it here at SellCell. Regardless of whether you're phone is cracked, smashed or completely dead you can sell it here for the guaranteed most cash!

What is the definition of "Broken"?

Put simply, 'Broken' is any device that is not 100% fully working

If you select a phone on SellCell you will see there are the following to choose from under 'Condition':

  • Like New
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Faulty / Broken

The first three conditions from Like New to Poor relate to the cosmetic condition of the device but all assume the device is fully working. So for instance a 'Poor' device will have heavy signs of wear (eg. scratches, dents, etc.) but is fully working. If your device is fully working but just has cosmetic damage select one of these conditions

The 'Faulty / Broken' Condition is to be selected when a device is not 100% fully working. So if there is anything wrong with the functionality of the device or the physical damage is very severe then select this condition. Examples of 'Broken' phones include:

  • Smashed / cracked screen
  • Faulty LCD display
  • Touch screen not working
  • Faulty camera
  • Doesn't charge up or turn on
  • Liquid damage / water damage

All of the above would fall under the definition of 'Broken' as the device is not fully working but obviously some faults are more severe than others. The worse the damage, the less you will get for the phone and conversely if there are only minor faults you shouldn't get downvalued too much. For more information about much you get for your broken phone see 'How much is my broken phone worth?'

Should I get my broken phone repaired before selling it?

Good question. The fact is that you do get less for a broken phone than a fully working one so you might think it makes sense to repair it but it's not quite that simple

Buyback companies that buy broken phones typically have large scale commercial repair facilities. As they repair high volumes of phones their repair cost is lower than retail repair costs. As they can repair the phones cheaper they can afford to pay more for the broken phone in the first place which is why the amounts of money paid for broken phones is so high

If you were to go and get a phone repaired yourself you would be paying retail repair prices. You therefore need to calculate if it is worth repairing or not by doing the following:

  • Look up the 'Broken' price on SellCell
  • Then find out how much it will cost to fully repair your phone to 100% fully working order
  • Then look up the 'Good' price on SellCell for your device in working order
  • If the 'Broken' price + cost of the repair is similar to or more than the 'Good' price it doesn't make sense to repair it before selling it

In the majority of cases we see it doesn't generally make sense to repair your phone before selling it. In most cases it is better to just sell your phone as 'Broken' as it does not 'stack up' paying for the repair cost before selling.

What are the options for recycling a broken phone?

If you look at the above FAQs you can see that you can often get decent money to recycle a broken phone. If the buyback company can repair the device it will then be resold on to a new customer thereby extending its lifecycle and meaning it is recycled and kept out of a landfill.

This is what happens to most phones as the majority can be repaired. For the minority of phones that are beyond economical repair (BER) such as those that have motherboard damage the buyback company will still recycle the broken phones in an environmentally friendly way. They will recycle these broken phones by dismantling them to extract any valuable parts or materials and then the remaining parts will be recycled in an environmentally sustainable way.

Either way, if you recycle a broken phone via SellCell you can rest assured that it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way and it will not end up in a landfill site

How do I sell my broken phone?

Very easy. Trade in your broken phone for cash in 4 simple steps:

  1. Search for your device in the search box above.
  2. SellCell compares prices from all the top buyback companies to get you the best deal. Using the 'Condition' filter select 'Faulty / Broken'. SellCell filters the results by the best 'broken' price for your device
  3. Select the best deal and send your device to your chosen company using the free shipping service
  4. Then simply sit back and wait for your cash! :)

To help here's some links to popular categories:

How much is my broken phone worth?

Basically the worse the damage the less your phone will be worth

The standard starting price a buyback company will go off will be the price for a used phone that is fully working with normal light to moderate signs of wear. This means to get the full value the phone can have some signs of wear or scratches consistent with normal use but it has to be 100% fully functional

If a device is damaged and is not 100% fully functional then it is classed as 'Faulty / Broken' and the value will be dependent on how severe the damage is

If the device only has a minor fault such as a camera not working then it is likely it won't be downvalued that much. However, if the device is completely smashed with a broken screen and doesn't even turn on then it will be worth much less

The value you get for a broken phone can vary massively between different buyback companies so you really need to compare prices to be sure of getting the most money for your broken phone

The good thing is that SellCell does all the hard work for you. SellCell compares prices from all the buyback companies in seconds to help you get the most cash when you sell a broken phone

To find out how much your broken phone is worth simply search for your device above. Then under 'Condition' select the 'Faulty / Broken' option to filter the results by this criteria to see the best prices for your device in a 'Broken' condition

So if you're looking to trade in a broken phone, find out how much it's worth today at SellCell!

Can you trade in a phone with a cracked screen?

Absolutely! You can often still get a decent amount of money for your phone even if the screen is cracked as the buyback company will replace the cracked screen. If you want to sell a cracked phone use SellCell to help you get the most cash for it

Who buys broken cell phones?

Specialist cell phone buyback companies like the ones featured on SellCell buy broken cell phones

These companies specialize in buying broken phones because they repair and refurbish them. This is how the process works:

  • You sell your broken phone on SellCell and send it to your chosen buyback company
  • They will fully test the device to identify all the faults
  • They will then repair and refurbish the device. This can consist of repairing any faults but keeping the device in the same cosmetic condition. Or it can also include replacing the screen and rear housing and fully refurbishing it so it looks like a brand new unit
  • Once repaired & refurbished the device is normally packaged in a new box with accessories
  • It will then be resold on to a customer as a refurbished phone

Buyback companies often actually make higher margins on broken phones because they can add greater value through the repair / refurbishment process. This is why you can still get a lot of money for broken phones

A lot of people think that if their phone is broken it's not worth anything but this is not true, broken phones still have value. Many SellCell customers are amazed at how much money they can get for their old cracked phone. So never throw out any old broken phones (it's also bad for the environment), make sure you sell and recycle them. You might be pleasantly surprised just how much you can get for your old broken phones. Use SellCell to be guaranteed of getting the most cash for your broken phones!

Can I sell broken tablets and other tech through SellCell?

Yes you can! It's not just phones. The buyers on SellCell also buy broken tablets and other electronics. Please see the menu above for all the categories of products you can sell through SellCell. Almost all of these allow you to sell products in 'Broken' condition. These include the following:

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