About TradeUpCashOut have been setup to help you part ways with any cell phones, tablets or iPads that you no longer want, and would prefer to sell for a fixed price. Not only will they provide you with an offer that is a fair value based off the average market price - but they will also price match any other website's offer if you find a higher quote.

TradeUpCashOut also offer a selection of payment methods which include: PayPal for a quick and easy payment, check or money order, a pre-paid visa card, or even a Wal-Mart gift card. Plenty of choice on offer to how the cash is paid out to you upon the completion of your order.

Payment Methods: Paypal Check
Price Valid For: 30 Days
Average Payment Period: 1 - 3 Days
Free Shipping?
Free Shipping Pack Sent?
Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
Data Removal?

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