About SimplySellular

SimplySellular is more than just a cell phone recycling business. They have dedicated themselves to helping to protect our environment by finding new homes for cell phones that would otherwise end up in landfill. They also offer fundraising opportunities for individuals, schools, local businesses and even churches.

Get Paid by SimplySellular in 3 Easy Steps

  • Find your phone – Locate your phone by search or by selecting the manufacturer and model from the dropdown on SimplySellular’s website.

  • Order an envelope – SimplySellular will send you a free, pre-paid envelope in which to send in your device.

  • Send your phone – Send SimplySellular your cell phone. They’ll inspect your device and make sure it matches up with your order then issue payment via PayPal or check.

SimplySellular aim to provide you with excellent customer service. In fact they strive to provide the best customer service experience of anyone in the industry. So keep SimplySellular in mind the next time you upgrade your cell phone.

Payment Methods: Paypal Check
Price Valid For: 30 Days
Average Payment Period: 10 Days
Free Shipping?
Free Shipping Pack Sent?
Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
Data Removal?

* NOTE: Information on this page supplied by the company