About SecondHandCell

SecondHand Cell is a cell phone buy back company established in 2010 which specializes in purchased used and broken iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cell phones. Because our focus is on second-life repurposing of cell phones, we are able to offer higher prices for cracked screen and other damaged phones than our competitors. We have cultivated relationships with buyers from all over the world to ensure that we can offer customers the most competitive prices for their used and broken devices on the market.

Customer service is our top priority and we will go the extra mile to make sure every customer is satisfied with their transaction. SecondHand Cell is environmentally conscience. We have a zero electronic waste policy in place. Rest assure, even if your device cannot be repurposed, it will be recycled properly. We look forward to working with you.

Payment Methods: PayPal Check
Price Valid For: 30 Days
Average Payment Period: 2 Days
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Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
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