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Recell Cellular was formed in 2011. The company offer competitive prices for Used, Broken, Locked and Financed phones. What sets the business apart from other online buyers' is their Customer Centric approach! Recell Cellular are proud of their reviews and speed in fulfilling customer requirements! Whether it is answering a question before selling or getting paid they will respond quickly. The business also pay out one Business Day after delivery.

When a customer checkouts on their site they receive an instant USPS Priority Mail Shipping Label with Tracking. That tracking info is also stored on a User Portal on the site. Resell Cellular makes the trade in process nice and simple!

Ratings / Reviews:
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal
Price Valid For: 15 DAYS
Average Payment Period: NEXT DAY
Free Shipping?
Free Shipping Pack Sent?
Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
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