About Gadgyt was created to offer a quick, simple and friendly solution for people looking to sell unwanted (broken, used, and new) cell phones, iPods, Mp3 Players, iPhones, PDAs, smart phones, Apple Laptops, Apple Desktop Computers, Apple TVs, Apple Accessories, Apple Software, Apple LCD Displays and game consoles.

Whether it's an old Blackberry, broken iPod, a used Wii or a brand new Apple MacBook Air, Gadgyt offer an easier, faster a high paying option. The phones they buy are inspected, cleaned, data-wiped, updated, have blemished or broken parts replaced, tested, boxed up, and shipped out to the wholesale market. So they help you get the best price when you upgrade to the latest phone, and your old phone keeps someone else connected protecting the planet.

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4.5 Star

23 Reviews

Payment Methods: PayPal Check
Price Valid For: 14 Days
Average Payment Period: 1 - 2 Days
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Free Shipping Pack Sent?
Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
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