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Over 2 million devices worth over $250 million sold through us since 2008!

Best Price Guarantee

If you are looking to trade in your cell phone there can be a big difference between the highest and lowest prices paid for a cell, and it's never good to find out you've missed out on a better deal (major understatement). Well, you'll be glad to hear that never happens at SellCell.

You see, we’re so confident we'll find you the best price for your cell phone or tablet that we're the only site to offer a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a higher price within 24 hours of placing your order, we'll pay you double the difference!! There really is no need to go anywhere else because with SellCell you are always guaranteed the most cash every time!! Read More

Cell Phone Trade In Best Price Guarantee

We Compare The Whole Market

To get the best deal you’d normally have to spend time trawling through lots of different cell phone trade in sites. Not anymore! Our unique price comparison engine compares prices from all the leading cell phone trade in sites in seconds. Clever, huh? We compare more phone buyers than any other site and cover the widest range of cell phones and tablets which means you really are guaranteed to always get the most cash for your old electronics

We compare all cell phone trade in companies

We Are No.1!

SellCell.com was the USA's first cell phone trade in price comparison site, and five years later we're still No. 1. It's true. If you’re looking to trade in a phone we’re the top site in the US. The cream of the crop. Top of the league. Champions of the… you get the picture.

We are USA’s No. 1 cell phone trade in comparison site!


More people use us than any other trade in site because they trust our impartial price comparison. Want cold, hard facts? Over 2 million devices worth over $250 million have been sold through us since 2008. Yep, we like big numbers — especially when it comes to getting you the best cell phone trade in value. We present unbiased facts and let you decide on the best deal

Most trusted site to trade in phones

Saves Time

Looking to trade in your phone? Different trade in programs all offer different prices and searching through each one individually to get the best deal takes ages — frankly, there's much better things to do with your time. At SellCell.com our price comparison technology instantly compares prices from all the top cell phone trade in companies to save you time so you can get back to more important stuff

Trade in your cell phone? SellCell saves you time getting the best deal

SellCell Protection

SellCell is the US's No 1 phone trade-in site. We compare over 35 phone & tech buyers to ensure we offer users the best price. SellCell vet all the partners listed in our comparison to make sure that they are reputable businesses with the highest operating standards. Although it is the responsibility of the brand to fulfil your order, if you have any problems with your order SellCell will help. We will offer a second line of defense if you have any frustrations, delays or problems with any of the brands listed on our site. We will liaise with the brand to make sure that they come back to you on any issues promptly and find a resolution to your problem. At SellCell we offer you peace of mind

SellCell Protection

Customer Testimonials

Cliché alert… Don't just take it from us, read what our customers have to say! Seriously, these people are real, they're not our relatives, and we haven't bribed them with novelty chocolate to say nice things about us. They've landed on our site (just like you), sold a device through us, and then given their honest opinions about our service.

Thomas Stepien

SellCell.com found me an awesome deal for my old cell phone. THANKS GUYS!!!

Thomas Stepien, California

Donna Kuper

I highly recommend SellCell.com in a book I just wrote called How to De-clutter and Make Money Now. You rock!

Donna Kuper, New York


The site enabled me to sell my phone to a company that offered 50% more than the most popular buyers. The site is also very easy to use!

Ellie, Kentucky

Barbara Reed

This company has gone beyond fair with my selling of a cellphone. I highly recommend them.

Barbara Reed, Colorado

SellCell.com in the Media

While we can't claim to be hounded by the paparazzi day and night (looks aren't everything, you know), we're pretty popular with the media. Here are just some of the media titles we have recently been featured in: www.sellcell.com/press