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OCBuyBack has been buying and selling phones in Orange County & Los Angeles since 2015. OCBuyBack now offer full coverage throughout the US through their website which focuses on making trade-ins easier for faster processing. The companies main ideology is in having full transparency with their customers and great customer service

OCBuyBack specializes in offering the best price, free shipping, and fast payment payout within 24hrs with PayPal, e-check, or mailed check

When a device is received in their warehouse it is quickly scanned with PhoneCheck software to ensure no room for error during inspection

OCBuyBack was started to help recycle used cell phones and keep them out of landfills. The company want as many people as possible to join them in the fight against e-waste and be part of the solution for an eco-friendly alternative way to reduce e-waste consumption

Ratings / Reviews:
5 Star

38 Reviews

Payment Methods: PayPal Check
Price Valid For: 30 Days
Average Payment Period: 2 Days
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Free Return Shipping? (If final price not acceptable)
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