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5 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained

If your kids use your tablet, or have “borrowed” it so often that you’ve bought them their own, it’s time to look for some apps they’ll love. Kids’ apps aren’t always free, but that goes with the territory. Here are five great choices to keep your little ones busy, entertained and learning – all at […]

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Our Top 10 Autocorrect Fails

Autocorrect. A word that strikes fear into the hearts of many iOS users across the world. You all know what I mean, and most iOS users have been in a similar situation where one word can suddenly be corrected to another word that makes absolute no sense. Even worse, that word may not be the […]

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Why Cashless POS Systems Are the Future of Commerce

Technology is a driving force in our culture. Technology has enabled us to conduct business in far-away destinations, to accept payments online, to advertise our goods on a website and to engage in e-commerce. With technology, the possibilities are endless and limitless. A person in the U.S. can sell their goods to someone across the […]