Apple iPhone Launch: What Do We Know About the Next-Gen Handset

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Apple has just announced the next-generation flagship phone; the iPhone 12. Here is what we’ve learned about the brand’s latest smartphone.

So, the iPhone 12 announcement has been and gone. Finally. At last, we have all been put out of our misery and now we have our hands on all of the info, fresh from the horse’s mouth. The September announcement covered the Apple Watch and the new iPad models, as well as software, so fans were left waiting for news on the iPhone 12 to land.

With that in mind, you probably want us to quit with the small talk and get straight to the details. Well, OK then, without further ado here is everything we know from the Apple iPhone Event.

iPhone 12

Image: Apple

This is the standard version of the latest generation iPhone. The display – the updated Super Retina XDR which was previously exclusive to the iPhone 11 Pro – measures in at 6.1 inches. The front (as with the other models) is protected by iPhone’s new Ceramic Shield glass. In terms of storage options you’re looking at … GB and … GB RAM. Color-wise, you will be able to buy the iPhone 12 in black, white, product red, a pastel green, and the much-anticipated blue colorway..

In terms of photographic prowess, the rear camera array comes with 12MP wide and ultra-wide apertures. As with the whole iPhone 12 range, the phone has 5G capabilities. The phone runs using the brand new A14 Bionic chip. This has a six-core CPU and a four-core GPU, and a 16-core neural engine for machine learning. You can make use of this if you are a gamer; you can access League of Legends:Wild Rift in all of its glory, later this year.

It will retail at $799 on launch and can be pre-ordered from 10/16/20.

iPhone 12 Mini

Image: Apple

This where things start to get interesting. The iPhone 12 Mini is designed as a mid-range version of the iPhone 12 and carries a less expensive price tag of $699 as a result. As the name suggests, it has a smaller screen than the iPhone 12, with a 5.4 inch display. The cameras to the front and rear of the device are the same specs as the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 Mini will be available to pre-order from 11/06/2020.

iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro from Apple iPhone 12 announcement
Image: Apple

The iPhone 12 Pro has the same screen size as the flagship iPhone 12. It is also more expensive than the standard edition, with Apple looking to raid your checking account to the tune of $999. In terms of the colors available, you have silver, gold, graphite, and blue.

Presumably, the camera is where the extra cash is being spent. The rear array features a telephoto lens that enables 4× optical zoom and image stabilization is taken care of at chip-level. You can capture and edit RAW files and Dolby video. The Pro is available to pre-order on the same day as the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Image: Apple

And the pièce de résistance certainly has to be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This brute packs a 6.7 inch screen, along with the same color options as the iPhone 12 Pro. As with the Pro, the Max features a LiDAR scanner, enabling autofocus in night mode, for example.

The camera itself is also slightly more souped-up than 12 Pro, with an upgraded telephoto lens capable of 5× optical zoom. For $1099, you’d perhaps be expecting a little more from the most expensive handset in the iPhone 12 range. It can be pre-ordered from the same date as the iPhone 12 Mini.

MagSafe Charging

Apple has also announced MagSafe charging for all handsets within the iPhone 12 range. It can charge at up to 15 W and, as it is a magnetic system, it snaps straight to the iPhone 12 itself. You can even get a MagSafe wallet that snaps to the back of the handset to allow wireless charging and store your credit cards.

HomePod Mini 2

the home pod mini 2 from Apple iPhone 12 Announcement.
Image: Apple

The HomePod Mini 2 (which was actually leaked prior to the Apple announcement) is the latest iteration of Apple’s own-brand portable speaker. Rather than the previous cylindrical form factor, Apple has gone for a spherical shape.

The HomePod Mini 2 is available in space or white and features a mesh finish which you will recognize from the first HomePod Mini. It has an acoustic wave driver at the base, delivering 360-degree sound. The top features an RGB-lit control panel that reacts when it senses your iPhone is nearby.

It is fully conversant, with Siri built into the device so you can ask it, well, whatever you like. You can also use the new Intercom function, which works with the entire Apple iEcosystem, from iPhone to iPad, and. It will be available to pre-order from 11/06/2020, at a retail price of $99.

The Apple iPhone 12 Launch

Well, there’s plenty to take away from Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement and not just in terms of smartphones, either. Now we just have to wait another year for the iPhone 13 announcement! Surely you’re not that impatient, right?

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