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Top 5 Android Educational Games For Kids

Android is one of the fastest growing operating system in the current market. As Android phones and tablets have been so popular, the number of apps available for the platform has rocked. Android is an open source touch operating system for mobiles and tablets which are launched by the Google, the search engine giant.

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Six Great Shooting Games for Smartphones

Halo and Call of Duty might be obvious franchises that jump to mind when thinking of today’s best shooting video games. However, if you are a fan of such shooters, you need not be tied to your computer or console to enjoy games just like them. Today’s smartphones are more than powerful enough to run […]

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3 Must-Have Apps for the Toddler Set

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages “screen time” for babies under the age of two, it acknowledges a number of media programs designed for toddlers two years and older provide educational benefits. Television shows were once the media used to occupy and educate toddlers, but apps for tablets can now serve a similar function. […]

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iBark: 6 Top iPhone Apps for Dog Owners

While you undoubtedly use your iPhone for a wide variety of personal tasks, the device can also be a useful tool to help you care for your dog. There are hundreds of apps designed exclusively for pet owners, and using them can enhance your pup’s safety, security, health, and happiness. Here is a look at […]

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Top 3 Android Security Apps of 2014

Protecting your Android smartphone or tablet against viruses, malicious software and theft is a top priority, especially if your device contains sensitive data, such as your bank details, passwords and other personal information.