Say Hello To Glowing Skin With These 4 Amazing Skin Care Apps

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Our generation has seen technology breaking down all sorts of barriers with the help of revolutionary findings and innovations. No matter what aspect of our life it may be, there is hardly any subject that hasn’t fallen within the grasp of technology. So why should the world beauty and skin care be left out? Technology has that covered too.

What follows is a list of 4 skin care apps that will help you learn more about your skin type and ways to keep it healthy! Have a look.

MySkin (available on iOS)

If you’re someone who frequently uses or experiments with a variety of skin care products, MySkin might well prove to be the handiest app for you. While buying any skin care product, it is important for you to make sure you’re buying a product that best suits your skin type, and that’s exactly what MySkin does. This amazing free iPhone app, after taking into account your skin type, will offer you the most unbiased, scientific, and personalized advice, that works out best for your skin profile. The app gives you access to a catalogue of over 160,000 skin care products across a range of different brands and retailers, after taking into account your skin condition, diet, lifestyle, and so on. So basically just let the app know about your skin type and it will conjure up a decent list of advice and skin care products – sweet!

Love My Skin (available on iOS)

LoveMySkin is a beautiful app that is essentially designed with a motive to promote awareness on skin cancer, and to create a positive and upbeat approach towards early detection of skin cancer. The app presents four different views of the body and allows you to tap a spot to add a mole or a marking that you would want to watch out for. Furthermore, the app is even equipped with a mole map and a built-in guide which will help you identify sensitive skin care products. Besides, on every mole that you’ve tapped, you can even add descriptions, edit details, and maintain or update notes on any growth or changes observed. Essentially, the main idea of this app is to get you familiarized with your body and to be able to identify what it normal or abnormal.

Skin care Recipes (available on Android)

Rather than going for expensive cosmetic products available the market, do you prefer making your own natural and home-made masks and creams? Looking for some interesting recipes to create your own organic, natural, and chemical-free skin care products? If yes, this is the exact app you should be looking for! As the name suggests, Skin care Recipes offers you a plethora of skin care recipes for facial scrubs, masks, massage oils, moisturizers, creams, and much more. The app also goes on to explain how and why these recipes work, it also helps you understand how to use common herbs and ingredients to create your own skin care products, it gives you tips on understanding your skin condition, and so much more. Overall, this app is a fantastic medium if you’re looking to make your own natural, organic, and homemade products which are safe and effective!

iDrated (available on iOS)

Believe it or not, water is one of the key ingredients to glowing skin. The fact that over 70% of our body consists of fluids, and that water helps transport vital nutrients to various parts of the body, apart from flushing out harmful toxins and dirt, make water extremely essential for the body and the skin. iDrated is an intelligent app that monitors your water intake, and reminds you when you’re running low on water, thereby making sure you remain hydrated always, and ensuring that your body receives the amount of water it requires.