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All the sellers of refurbished Macs on SellCell have been rigorously vetted to ensure they are a quality company that produces refurbished devices to a high standard so you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product from a trusted company. All sellers on SellCell offer a minimum 12 months warranty for your added peace of mind

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SellCell is completely free and totally impartial. We compare deals on refurbished Macs from the leading brands and we show you independently verified customer reviews for each seller to help you make the right decision

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To get the best deal when buying a refurbished Mac or other refurbished device you ideally need to shop around as prices vary a lot. SellCell saves you the time and hassle of shopping around by instantly comparing prices from all the leading sellers in one handy place. Problem solved!

What is a refurbished Apple Mac?

To be clear, a refurbished Apple Mac is not the same as a used one. Used is simply reselling the same item again, whereas when an Apple Mac is refurbished all of the devices internal components are thoroughly checked and replaced where necessary to ensure the computer is sold on in full working order. These checks will involve a number of hardware and software checks and the refurbishment company will also wipe the device thoroughly and clean and sanitize it too. The internal components of a refurbished Apple Mac will work to the same condition as a new one. What may differ a little, and this is where different price points come in, is the external appearance of the device. If the device is as good as new a higher price for that refurbished mac will be charged. A slightly cheaper price for a Mac with a few dinks and blemishes will be a bit cheaper but it will still be fully working.

Why should I buy a refurbished Apple Mac?

iMacs, iMac Pros, Mac Pro’s and Mac Mini’s if purchased brand new can set you back $1000’s of dollars. A refurbished option will save the buyers hundreds of dollars, which is a considerable saving. As well as a refurbished Apple Mac being much cheaper the desktop will come with a hassle free warranty!

The need to protect our environment and help support the rising electronic waste problem is something that we can all help with. Everytime you purchase a used, reconditioned or refurbished Apple Mac you are doing your part to help the planet.

Where can i buy a refurbished Apple Mac?

SellCell is a great option for buying a refurbished iMac. We make the process of selecting the best seller very simple by comparing all the deals for refurbished Apple Macs in one place. We will save you time, hassle and get you the best deal.

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