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Cell phone problem solvers

New and old cell phones, particularly smart-phones that have access to the internet, are now not so much as communication devices as full-blown problem solvers, according to the new report from the Internet & American Life project of the Pew Research Center.

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Not your father's cell phone any longer

A new research study conducted by Harris Poll has discovered that Americans are increasingly using their handheld cell phones to do much more than merely make voice calls.  Instead, a full fifth of all adult cell phone owners indicated that they have used their phone to buy something online during the previous 12 months.  This […]

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40 Percent shop with cell phones

A new Harris Poll, which was commissioned by Placecast, has shown that Americans are eagerly adopting new and old cell phones for the purpose of shopping rather than making calls or texting.  The poll shows that 20 percent of all adult cell phone users in the United States have used their phones to make a […]

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