Cell Phone Lens Make Art

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Once upon a time, cameras were nothing more than a particularly snazzy extra that were available only on the most expensive mobile phones, but nowadays we expect all new and old cell phones to be capable of taking photographs that are of a sufficient quality to be able to upload and distribute to friends and family members.

Regardless of the quality of the camera on your cell phone, the Photojojo glass cell phone lenses are likely to be a worthy purchase for those who want to get the most out of their cell phone cameras.  The lenses can attach magnetically to any cell phone that has a camera and come in a range of styles such as fisheye, telephoto, and macro/wide angle.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the stylish lenses is that they come pretty cheap too, with all three styles available to purchase for as little as just $49.  The tiny little add-ons use an adhesive magnet ring to attach to your cell phone camera, and can be carefully stuck on around the camera lens of the cell phone.  When the time has come to take a particularly stylish and impressive photograph or what you are eating for lunch or the weirdo who is sitting just in front of you on the bus, all you have to do is simply pop the lens on the magnetic ring and start snapping away.