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How To Use Lightning On Your Old Apple Devices

For all those that have purchased an iPhone 5 then you will have heard that they all come with a new form of an all digital connector called the Lightning connector. This new connector supports new technology which can convert micro USB to lightning which complies with new EU regulations that all Smartphones must have […]

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Last week saw the announcement of the iPhone 5 from technology giant Apple, and on Friday million of people pre-ordered the handset (shipping date has been put back a week). During the busy week, were featured in a statement made on the website. Read more here: Old iPhone trade-ins rise 800% in August […]

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What's New For iOS 6?

We have learned this morning that the shipping time has been put back a week on all iPhone 5 pre-orders , and that the devices may not ship with a free lightning to 30-pin adapter. The lightning cable itself will set you back $29. However, what can we expect from iOS 6? As Apple state […]

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Comparison: iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

On Wednesday morning, millions tuned in to either read or watch live commentary from the Apple conference, where they proudly announced the new iPhone 5. This iPhone was the first to increase the screen size from 3.5 to 4 inches (possibly down to the pressure Apple were receiving from its Android rivals all of which […]

Posted by Featured In eWeek are delighted to announce that we have been featured in a publication over at in an article entitled: iPhone 5 Is Not Coming to T-Mobile, but Carrier Stands to Benefit The article goes into detail about the iPhone 5, and how trading of older iPhone handsets (such as the 4S) are up over […]