Senior with no phone baffled by cell phone ticket

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Last updated April 12, 2019

An elderly couple from Winnipeg in Canada is baffled and outraged after having received a ticket from police officers for using a cell phone while driving, despite the fact that neither of them has ever owned one.  Two police officers pulled over Laszlo Piskzer and his wife Margaret on Friday in the 2500 block of Portage Avenue.

Piskzer found himself being handed a ticket for $199.80, despite telling the officers neither of them had a cell phone, as well as giving them permission to search the car for the non-existent device if they did not believe him.  “I told them ‘Do whatever it takes.  There’s no phone in here, never has been.  I don’t know anything about the phone’.   But they won’t have it.  They were just going crazy, going to arrest me, and they were nasty to my wife as well.”

The 74 year old, who says that he is so technically challenged that even if he had a cell phone he would not know how to use it, immediately went to a nearby police station in order to complain about the incident.  Piskzer says the officer they spoke to laughed and noted that the ticket was most likely given to them for the purpose of filling a quota.

The couple will not be paying the ticket.  “We’re not going to stand for this,” Margaret Piskzer notes, calling the entire situation “ludicrous”.  “It’s just not right,” she says.