13 Best Sites to Trade-In Old Electronics

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Last updated May 16, 2024

Looking to trade in your old electronics but don’t know where to start? In the fast-paced world of technology, staying up-to-date often means trading in your old electronics for cash to put towards buying the latest models. But with so many sites claiming to be the best place to trade-in your old gadgets, which company should you opt for? In this article, we’ll help you understand the electronics trade-in process and find the top 13 sites to trade in old electronics.

What Electronics Can You Trade In?

You can trade in a wide range of electronics and tech gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables (such as smartwatches), MacBooks, game consoles, HomePods, sat navs, GoPros, Kindles, iPods, home devices (like smart speakers), and wireless headphones.

Where Can You Trade in Electronics?

Where Can You Trade in Electronics?

There are many tech-trade in sites and brands that will buy your old electronics. We often label them as trade-in companies, electronics buyers, buyback companies, or buyback vendors. As there are so many brands out there seemingly offering the same services, trading in can be a daunting task if you have never done it before.

You can trade electronics online and also in many places at retail level. For the purposes of this article, we are discussing online options, as they generally allow users to receive more money for their electronics. There are also retail stores that will allow trade-in, such as kiosks from Eco Renew and independent stores like GameStop that will take old gadgets.

Amazon, BestBuy, and eBay are other options, but sadly they haven’t made the Top 13 list below. BestBuy and Amazon only offer store credit and trade-in prices are lower, which is not really in the best interests of buyers. We have excluded eBay due to the risk factor in dealing with individual buyers and the propensity that it could go wrong.

Best Time to Trade-In Old Electronics

The short answer to this question is “as soon as possible”. Electronics & Tech loses value the second it leaves the factory, aside from in exceptional cases (see SellCell’s Smartphone Depreciation report for full insight). So, the minute you no longer need your device[s], you should consider trading in. This is the best way to ensure you benefit from maximum profit. You can check out how fast your phone depreciates here with our online smartphone depreciation calculator. This looks at how much value you will have lost since buying the gadget and as such highlights the need to trade in your old tech as soon as you decide to upgrade.

So, when should you sell your old electronics? The moment the thought enters your head!

Why Is Trading In Old Electronics Important?

Trading in old electronics is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps individuals stay current with rapidly advancing technology without breaking the bank. By trading in your old devices, you will receive compensation that you could potentially use against buying a new device.

Trading in old electronics promotes sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Instead of letting outdated gadgets collect dust in drawers or ending up in landfills, trading them in allows for their proper disposal or refurbishment, extending their lifespan and minimizing environmental impact by recycling old devices.

Overall, trading in old tech is a practical and eco-conscious approach to upgrading technology while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable future.

Why Are People Nervous About Trading in Electronics?

Why Are People Nervous About Trading in Electronics?

Letting go of your old electronics can be worrying. People worry about the data left on their old devices and if the buyback company they are sending the device to will be able to access this. 

It is always best practice to erase all data from all devices and factory reset (find out how to prepare your phone for trade-in, here) but all the buyers that we recommend will ensure that all data is fully erased and not used as part of their standard protocol.

People also worry that if they send their devices into a tech trade-in company online that the buyer may engage in a bait and switch marketing programme. Offering high values and then low balling the consumer when they have got the device. The companies we recommend here will not do that as they will properly test the device to establish the real value; and also will offer a free of charge service to return the phone should the value not be what you expect.

How Does the Electronics Trade-In Process Work?

When you trade in, the process is very simple. The buyback company will ask you a series of questions to ascertain the condition of your device. Next step will be to offer you the best price for trading in; a quote before you send the device to the buyback vendor. You will then send your device to the company, who will inspect it. 

On inspection, if the device does not match the condition you’ve indicated on checkout, the company will send you a revised offer which you can choose to either accept or reject. If the device matches the condition you’ve indicated on checkout, the company will just send you payment.

How Trade In Sites Will Value Your Electronics

How Trade In Sites Will Value Your Electronics

As mentioned above, when you trade your old electronics in, the buyer will ask you a series of simple questions, including what device you have, what condition is your device in, whether it is tied to a carrier or unlocked, and—importantly—has the device been paid off if you bought it on a repayment plan. 

They will also ask you to determine if your device is in ‘Mint’, ‘Good’, ‘Poor’, or ‘Faulty’ condition and will help you to specify what this means. For instance, a cracked screen or a very deep scratch will mean the phone is in the ‘Faulty’ bracket, as the buyer will have to replace the screen. (Top tip: We would recommend that even if your device is in faulty condition that you sell it as a faulty device; and in most cases do not invest in electronics repairs as the repair cost may be more than what you would receive as a trade-in price).

You will answer these questions and then you will be provided with a valuation. It is important that you answer these questions as truthfully and accurately as possible. After you have sent the device to the buyback company, it will run a whole series of diagnostic checks to make sure the valuation still holds. This works both ways and if you have undervalued your device prior to sending, they will increase the value and let you know they have done so. 

Be aware that normal wear and tear is expected, but if there is a crack in the screen, or the earpiece is not working, there is no point trying to list the device in the ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’/ ‘Mint’ category. Be realistic and honest, as the buyback vendor will have to repair the device to sell it on again in the future. 

So, closely inspect your electronics to see if there is any damage the buyer could pick up, to manage your expectations and avoid disappointment. Upon request, reputable buyers will also be able to share a “valuation report” with you, to show you how they have valued your device and also what is wrong diagnostically. Once they receive the device, they will begin the inspection process, following which they will do one of two things. They will send you a final offer if the valuation is lower based on their analysis and, if you accept it, you will receive your payment. If the value matches their analysis, they will pay out straight away.

What to Consider When Selecting an Electronics Trade-In Site

What to Consider When Selecting an Electronics Trade-In Site

Selecting a reputable and safe site to trade-in your old electronics is key. There are a number of factors that we would advise you consider to make sure you find a trustworthy site. Alternatively, for peace of mind you can visit SellCell as all the electronics trade-in sites listed have already been rigorously background checked and vetted by a professional onboarding team – so you can trust the site you send your device to.

When we’re reviewing the top tech trade-in sites, we’ll consider a number important factors. First, we’ll check if they offer the best prices for old electronics, ensuring fair deals for users, and maximum profit. Second, we’ll look into how quickly these companies pay out. We will also focus on their environmental commitment.

We’ll consider the reputation of these sites by showing user reviews. Last, we’ll explain what types of electronics and tech each site covers, making it clear what you can trade in. Through this approach, we aim to provide users with straightforward guidance to navigate trading-in sites effectively, even if this is your first time trading-in tech.

There are a number of factors you should take into consideration when you are looking for the perfect electronics trade-in company. We have listed them below:

  • How long has the trade-in company been established? This is an important factor. SellCell, for example, has been operating since 2008, and so has built trust with consumers. If a buyback vendor only sprang up 3 weeks ago, you have no way of knowing if they’re legitimate.
  • Has the trade-in company got BBB Accreditation? BBB, or the Better Business Bureau, is an independent body that accredits businesses with a trust score. Thus, if a buyback company does  have BBB accreditation, you know you can trust them to have your best interests at heart.
  • Has the trade-in company got good user reviews? One of the best ways to test a company’s mettle is to see what other consumers are saying about it. You can find this out by reading reviews of the company, on sites like Trustpilot, Google, eBay, and Reseller Ratings. Lots of excellent reviews almost certainly means you can trust the brand
  • Does the company respond to complaints or bad reviews to solve the issue? A bad review doesn’t always reflect a bad brand. If the trade-in company takes the time to respond to and resolve publicly displayed complaints on the likes of Trustpilot, then you can see they are doing their best to improve the situation for the customer, and so has the customer’s best interests in mind.
  • Does the company recycle electronics responsibly? If the company you trade in with doesn’t recycle properly, then the sad fact of the matter is your device (or components thereof) could well end up in landfill. Obviously, this is no good for the environment. You should check if it adheres to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) regulations or the Electronic Waste Recycling Act [California].
  • Is the management of the company public facing? If you can find the management individuals on the likes of LinkedIn or Google Search, then you are likely to be able to trust them more than companies with a faceless management team. What have they got to hide by hiding themselves?
  • Does the company have a customer service email or phone number? Again, the company should have nothing to hide, and that includes its customer service number or email address. If the company provides you with the tools to communicate with them, this is an excellent start in building your consumer trust. 
  • Has the buyback vendor featured on sites like SellCell, eBay, or Swappa? You can, generally, often trust a company who has featured on sites for other major brands. Big businesses who hold top positions of authority in their industry sector would not tarnish their own brand by recommending untrustworthy companies with poor business practices.
  • How does the buyback company review your electronics when you send them? If the buyback vendor carries out multiple manual diagnostics on the device you’re trading, and tells you they will do this before you send your old tech for trade in, then you can be confident they are a reputable dealer. If they use a diagnostic tool like CheckMEND or BlackBelt then you’re definitely in safe hands.
  • Will the trade-in company send your device back free of charge if you disagree with their diagnostics and subsequent pricing? If you’re unhappy with the price the buyback company gives you once it has appraised the device, does it pledge to return your device to you free of charge? It should do, and this is one way to know you’re dealing with a reputable brand.
  • How long does the company take to pay out? The average pay period for most of the buyback vendors in SellCell’s pool of over 40 companies is 1-2 days. The quicker the payout, the better the deal is for you, as you get your money sooner rather than later.

Why Is SellCell in the Best Position to Review These Trade-In Sites?

  1. Largest Tech Trade-In Comparison Site in the US: SellCell’s status as the leading tech trade-in comparison platform in the US ensures it has unparalleled access to data and insights on various trade-in sites, making it uniquely qualified to review and compare these platforms.
  2. Assisted Millions of People: Over $575 million has been paid out to customers who have used SellCell since 2008. Users trust SellCell to help them find a trusted electronics buyer and get them the very best price to boot.
  3. Buyer Validation and Vetting: SellCell’s dedicated team consistently validates and vets tech buyback companies, ensuring that they stay abreast of any changes or developments in the industry. This ongoing diligence provides SellCell with up-to-date knowledge and firsthand experience to inform their reviews of trade-in sites. All SellCell Buyers are validated with our Approved Buyer Status.

13 Best Sites to Trade In Old Electronics

13 Best Sites to Trade In Old Electronics

Now for the list! Let’s see which sites are best for trading in old tech that might be sitting around your house; you could, in turn, be sitting on a goldmine! And you should know that trading in your tech with your carrier or device manufacturer isn’t always the best option. (Please note the recommended buyers are in no order of priority)

1. SellCell

SellCell Logo
Company Name:SellCell
Trade-in Value:High
User Reviews:
5 Star
Payout Options:Check, bank transfer, PayPal, gift card.
Payout Speed:Same day, next day (multiple options depending on vendor)
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart watches, wearables, smart home (incl HomePod), Kindle, Wireless Headphones, GoPro, Apple TV, Apple pencil, Sat Nav’s, Apple Airpods & VR Headsets
Commentary:SellCell is the No.1 tech trade-in comparison site in the USA. It delivers pricing from over 40 buyback vendors, ensuring the customer ALWAYS gets the best price for trading in old tech. SellCell backs this with a best price guarantee. SellCell does all the hard work for you, finding the safest and most reputable trade-in brands in the US. SellCell’s vetting team has already vetted the partners on the site, so it is a great place to find a buyback company that will offer the most cash for your trade-in. SellCell also acts as a middle man in the event of any dispute, giving you peace of mind when you start your trade-in journey. SellCell has been recommended by Komando.com, MakeUseOf, USA Today, Apple Insider, KnowYourMobile, Android Police, CNET, CNN, Money Crashers, and has an excellent Trustpilot rating. Reviews reinforce that SellCell is preferred by millions of users to start a tech trade-in journey by providing vetted, best in class tech trade in buyers in one place.

2. GadgetGone

GadgetGone Logo
Company Name:GadgetGone
Trade-in Value:High-medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Bank Transfer, Check, Gift Card, PayPal
Payout Speed: Two days
Electronics Categories:Phones, tablets, computers, headphones, games consoles, smartwatches.
Commentary:Since 2016, GadgetGone has serviced trade-in transactions across the USA, earning it a spot as one of CNET’s top choices for selling iPhones in 2021. The brand’s excellent reputation rests on one key principle: delivering on their commitments, a quality cherished by customers, which is why it has full BBB accreditation.

3. GadgetPickup

GadgetPickup Logo
Company Name:GadgetPickup
Trade-in Value:High-medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Check, PayPal, Zelle
Payout Speed:Next day
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, laptops, desktop computer, headphones, smart watches, games consoles, cameras, Apple TV.
Commentary:GadgetPickup has a wide range of categories for trade-in, including computer parts (such as graphics cards etc), audio gear (not just headphones), and much more. With next-day payout, you will be able to use the cash from your GadgetPickup trade-in against your next purchase straight away. 

4. BuyBackBoss

BuyBackBoss Logo
Company Name:BuyBackBoss
Trade-in Value:High-Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Check, PayPal
Payout Speed:Two days
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, tablets, AirPods, Apple Pencil, laptops, Chromebook, Fitbit, Home pods, GoPro, Headphones, Kindle, MacBook, Mac, Video Games Consoles.
Commentary:BuyBackBoss has been in operation since 2010, during which time it has featured in Forbes and Huffington Post. Specialising in smartphone and tablet trade-in, BuyBackBoss is a great place to sell your device and make some extra cash, especially with authority website backing for added trustworthiness.

5. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld Logo
Company Name:BuyBackWorld
Trade-in Value:Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Bank Transfer, Check, PayPal
Payout Speed:Two days
Electronics Categories: Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, iPods, MacBook, Apple Desktop, Games Consoles, Cameras, Smartwatches, Apple TVs, Apple Displays, Apple Airports, Apple Time Capsules, Apple Mouse and Keyboards, Apple Pencils, Apple HomePods, Apple Servers, Apple Airtags, VR Headsets
Commentary:BuyBackWorld offers one of the most comprehensive buyback schemes available in terms of sheer variety. You can trade in a massive range of tech with the brand, even down to things like calculators and guitar effects pedals!

6. ItsWorthMore

ItsWorthMore Logo
Company Name:ItsWorthMore
Trade-in Value:High-medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Bank Transfer, Check, PayPal, Zelle
Payout Speed:Three days
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, tablets, smart wearables.
Commentary:A great score on Reseller Ratings backs ItsWorthMore as a trustworthy buyback vendor. Its payouts may be a little slower (one day slower) than what we’ve seen in the list so far, but it offers a wide range of payout options for you in terms of getting paid for your old gadgets.

7. SaveGadget

SaveGadget Logo
Company Name:SaveGadget
Trade-in Value:Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Check, PayPal
Payout Speed:Next day
Electronics Categories:Cellphone, tablet, games consoles, iPods, MacBook, Apple Watch, GoPro, Apple TV.
Commentary:SaveGadget offers next-day payout, which is excellent if you need your cash sooner rather than later. You can trade a comprehensive range of tech, although other brands offer a wider range. The brand has excellent ratings on eBay for that trust factor.

8. Gazelle

Gazelle Logo
Company Name:Gazelle
Trade-in Value:Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Check, Gift Card, PayPal
Payout Speed:Ten days
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables.
Commentary:Gazelle has been established since 2007, meaning it has plenty of experience in the trade-in business. This means you can trust it to operate honestly and professionally, with BBB backing, although the payout times are significantly longer than other brands on the list here.

9. Apple

Apple Logo
Company Name:Apple
Trade-in Value:Medium
User Reviews:No official reviews available for trade-in
Payout Options:Credit with Apple, gift card
Payout Speed:3-5 days
Electronics Categories:AirPods, Airports, AirTag, Apple TV, Mac Computers and Laptops, Apple Displays, Headphones & Speakers, HomePods, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Apple Watch, iPods.
Commentary:While its payouts may not be the highest, Apple is a great place to trade some of your old tech; especially any Apple devices. Why? Because it is committed to recycling as many old parts as it can, making this an excellent choice for the eco-conscious device seller. Payout options are limited to Apple credit or gift cards. As with Samsung, you can trade in some non-Apple devices too. As it is obviously a major smartphone brand, for reassurance it will suit nervous device owners who are looking to trade in.

10. Samsung

Samsung Logo
Company Name:Samsung
Trade-in Value:Medium-Low
User Reviews:No official reviews available for trade-in
Payout Options:Credit with Samsung
Payout Speed:Instant
Electronics Categories:Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch
Commentary:Samsung, like Apple, only offers credit in its own store when you trade your old device in. It offers trade-in for a wide range of other manufacturers as well, but you still only get store credit. The values it offers are also pretty low. But you can trust the Samsung brand, and for someone who requires extra reassurance, it’s a no brainer.

11. TheWhizCells

TheWhizCells Logo
Company Name:TheWhizCells
Trade-in Value:Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Bank Transfer, Check, Gift Card, PayPal
Payout Speed:Next day
Electronics Categories:Smartphones, tablets.
Commentary:With 14-years experience to back it up, alongside its Reseller Rating score, you can trust TheWhizCells to deliver on price and speed. It has next day payout and competitive values for gadgets you trade in with the site.

12. MacMeAnOffer

MacMeAnOffer Logo
Company Name:MacMeAnOffer
Trade-in Value:High-Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Check, Zelle
Payout Speed:Three days
Electronics Categories:iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro.
Commentary:MacMeAnOffer is a dedicated site for anyone wanting to trade in their old Apple tech. While payout options may be a little limited, the brand offers better trade-in values than Apple itself, and has an excellent Reseller Ratings score.

13. NYCPhoneBuyer

(Best Upcoming Electronic Trade-in Site)

Company Name:NYCPhoneBuyer
Trade-in Value:High-Medium
User Reviews:
Payout Options:Apple Pay, Cash App, Check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle
Payout Speed:Three days
Electronics Categories:Phone, Tablets. Gaming Consoles, Mac, Smartwatches, Homepods
Commentary:Although only recently established, the owners of this business have worked in the trade-in industry for many years. Offering some of the highest trade-in values in the US and with impressive turnaround times, NYCPB are definitely worth considering to trade in your electronics. Trade-in options are wide ranging from smartphones to tablets, gaming consoles and Macs. With impressive reviews in Google and on Facebook, NYCPB are definitely a new entrant to the market that is worth a shot.

Trade In Your Old Tech, Now!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options available for you to trade in your old gadgets. There is a company available to you no matter what your needs.

If you want to take all the hard work out of trading in, though, you should let someone else do all the hard work for you. SellCell drops the best price for old device right in your lap, so no risk of getting ripped off; our pool of over 40 trusted buyback vendors is waiting to take your old tech off your hands and convert it to cold hard cash.


FAQ’s About Trading in Old Electronics

  • How much will I get for my old electronics? This depends on a wide variety of factors. How old is the device? What condition is the device in? Do you have any outstanding finance on the device? All of these can contribute to the value of your old electronics, and therefore how much you will get for them. To get the best price for your device, you need to compare prices across the board using a site like SellCell.com.
  • How do I value my old electronics? When you trade in your old tech, you will get a price from whichever buyback vendor you select. To price your device, just head to the vendor’s website, enter your device details, and the company will give you a value. You can try this yourself; simply use the SellCell device model search box on the homepage to search for any device make and model that you are looking to trade-in. Alternatively, you can set up a tech trade-in price alert to keep track of any electronics you may want to sell in the future.
  • What if my old electronics are broken? Even a damaged gadget contains components that have value. This means that a lot of buyback companies will still buy your old, broken electronics. Just make sure you tell them it is broken before you send it. This way, you are ensuring you have an accurate value for the device you are trading in.
  • How do I package my old electronics when I trade in? Most trade-in companies will send you packaging in which to send them your old devices. However, in order to ensure it arrives in the same condition it left you, you should package it carefully (in the original box if you have it). This will prevent it from damage during transit, meaning that you still get the best price possible when the company pays out. If you don’t have the original box, at least wrap the device in some bubble wrap to guard against any bumps and knocks.
  • Where is the best place to sell my old MacBook? There are a lot of different companies through whom you can trade in your MacBook. SellCell has a pool of buyback vendors ready to take your old MacBook off your hands. Get the best price for your MacBook here.
  • Where is the best place to sell my Apple watch? There are plenty of companies who will buy your old Apple Watch, and you can find some of the best sites to trade-in your Apple Watch here on SellCell. Apple watches aren’t the only wearable that can be sold and pretty much all wearables can be sold.
  • Where is the best place to sell my old iPad? As with MacBooks, there are plenty of companies out there through which you can trade in your iPad. Check out the best iPad trade in prices across the board, now.
  • Can you sell old games consoles? Yes, you can sell old games consoles to electronics buyers, and this includes all brands from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There are some specialists for these devices, like GameStop, but there are other buyers who may pay more. You can see some of the best places to trade-in your old games consoles here.