iPhone 15 Rumors: All the Hearsay—Will it Be Worth Trading in Your Existing iPhone?

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As we approach September, iPhone 15 rumors are rife. But will the 15-series outperform the iPhone 14, and will it retain its value as well as previous models?

September’s annual iPhone showcase is fast approaching and—as happens every year—iPhone 15 rumors are doing the rounds, and the rumor mill is well and truly grinding the grains. With some positive and some not so, is the iPhone 15 likely to perform well in terms of sales and value retention, or are we looking at another slightly underwhelming release from the fruity smartphone giant?

Let’s look at the iPhone 15 rumors that are doing the rounds and decide whether you should sell your iPhone before the new model hits the shelves…

Will There Be an iPhone 15?

Is the desert full of sand? Of course there is going to be an iPhone 15. Apple is unlikely to deviate from its annual smartphone release and, as the last model in the series was the iPhone 14, you can bet your last cent that there will be an iPhone 15. In fact, we’d say we’re 100% certain! The real question is whether the iPhone 15 will outperform the iPhone 14 series…

What Is the iPhone 15 Going to Look Like?

iphone 15 rumors appearance, side view render
Credit: 4RMD

Like an iPhone… The Apple never falls far from the tree, as they say, and the iPhone 15 is unlikely to look drastically different from the 14-series. It looks like Apple intends to incorporate the pill-shaped dynamic island camera cutout across the entire range according to MacRumors’ iPhone 15 article, instead of just the Pro models as per the iPhone 14 Pro and above. Will there be a big difference between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15? Probably not. Other than that dynamic island up front, there are no iPhone 15 rumors suggesting any significant design changes.

What Sizes Will the iPhone 15 Come In?

Given that there are no suggested design changes, we can expect the iPhone 15 sizes to be the same as those of the iPhone 14 series. Thus, we’re looking at the following dimensions:

  • iPhone 15 (standard edition): 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 15 Max: 6.7 inches
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

What Colors Will the iPhone 15 Come In?

iphone 15 rumors colors, rear view render
Credit: 4RMD

Ah, the most important question of them all (according to SellCell’s 2022 iPhone user survey), as this is what 30.3% of iPhone owners want from the device; a selection of colorways (and some new colors, too). This 30.3% are in luck, as Android Authority’s iPhone 15 article states that there could indeed be a new colorway. The actual name of the hue is “Dark Sienna” and it is a deep red, almost maroon tone, judging from images.

Other than that, we’re not sure on exactly what colors we’ll see. The Tom’s Guide iPhone 15 rumor article also suggests there’ll be a green colorway heading to the shelves. With previous models as an assurance, we can probably expect to at least see the white, black, and (product) red.

What Is the iPhone 15 Release Date?

Well, from previous years, we can safely say that the likelihood of a September release for the iPhone 15 is pretty high. The exact date is unknown, but Apple announced the iPhone 14 on September 7th 2022. It then started taking pre-orders on the 9th, two days later, and finally launched the phone on September 16th. Will there be an iPhone in 2023? The short answer is “Yes, in September”.

What Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date?

Apple released the iPhone 14 Pro Max at the same time as the standard iPhone 14. So, you can expect the iPhone 15 Pro Max to launch at the same time as the iPhone 15 standard edition. It was the iPhone 14 Plus that launched later than the other models, on October 7th.

What Will the iPhone 15 Cost?

Hopefully Apple won’t raise the price of an iPhone when it releases the iPhone 15, but we can never tell what is going on in boardrooms. But, we can say with some certainty that it is unlikely to cost less than the iPhone 14 series. Here’s what the iPhone 14 series costs, so expect something around this amount:

iPhone 14$799$899$1099
iPhone 14 Pro$999$1,099$1,299$1,499
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1,099$1,199$1,399$1,599
iPhone 14 Plus$899$999$1,199

Rumors predict that the iPhone 15 will be expensive, according to the UK’s Daily Mail iPhone rumor article. However, we should exercise caution here and remember that these are just rumors and are, therefore, inconclusive.

Will the iPhone 15 Have Four Cameras?

iphone 15 rumors
Credit: 4RMD

The iPhone 14 has three sensors on the rear, and according to the aforementioned Tom’s Guide article, the iPhone 15 is likely to follow suit. Rumors state that the new Apple smartphone will use a revolutionary new Sony sensor, although we can’t confirm anything relating to the cameras or the sensors right now.

Will the iPhone 15 Have Fast Charging?

The current 5W charger that comes as standard with most iPhone models doesn’t fast charge. However, if Apple switches out the Lightning port for an…alternative… then this could open the doors to faster charging. Currently, you need to buy a special charger from Apple in order to fast charge an iPhone.

How Will the iPhone 15 Charge?

Credit: 4RMD

We can probably expect MagSafe wireless charging to come as part and parcel of the iPhone 15 range of devices across the board. But what about wired charging? Rumors swirl Apple may well act early considering a recent court ruling, and could in fact replace the Lightning port with a USB-C port to comply with the ruling. However, with R&D likely all but finished designing the device, this remains for us to see.

So, if you’re asking “will the iPhone 15 have Type-C charging”, you’re going to have to wait until nearer the announcement for anything of any substance regarding the iPhone 15’s Type-C compatibility.

Is It Worth Upgrading From the iPhone 14?

That depends on what you want. If you simply must have the latest iPhone, then why not upgrade to the iPhone 15? Saying that, with an unchanged design, will this be enough for iPhone 14 owners to take the plunge?

Looking at SellCell’s iPhone 14 upgrade intention survey, Apple had better hope that more people intend to upgrade. Between the 13-series and the 14, only 14.1% of (then) current iPhone owners intended to upgrade. This was down from 43.7% with the iPhone 13 upgrade!

Will iPhone 14 Have Trade-In Deals?

Yes, it will. SellCell, for example, had iPhone 14 trade-in deals available mere days after Apple announced the device. This was before the device even launched into the hands of the public. Canny iPhone 15 buyers will know that they can lock a price in with price comparison websites like SellCell. Sometimes you can get up to a month’s price lock, meaning you can secure the best price before you get the device and, if you don’t like it, just trade your iPhone 15 in!

How Does Trade-In Work With iPhone 14?

SellCell knows best, as it has been comparing trade-in values since 2008. So, here’s how it works on SellCell (where you’ll always find the best price on your device, or double the difference back!).

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your phone make and model.
  3. Check the results from the 45+ trusted buyback vendors working with SellCell.
  4. Find the best price (always at the top of the list).
  5. Go through the buyback process on the partner site.
  6. Send your phone off.
  7. Get your cash in the bank!

It really is that simple to trade in your iPhone 14, or any other smartphone, for that matter.

How Much Will I Get for Trading-In My iPhone 14 or iPhone 13?

Looking at SellCell’s iPhone selling page, you can get a pretty good price for the iPhone 14, even now. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is obviously going to get you the most; at the time of writing, you can get a maximum of $1,038 for the handset. The iPhone 13 equivalent isn’t far behind; this will net you $819. You can find out exactly how much you iPhone is worth on SellCell’s live price ticker page.

Note that the iPhone 14 didn’t sell as well as the iPhone 13 did, which is why the pricing between the two may seem a little disparate, as shown in SellCell’s annual phone sales report page. The demand for the iPhone 14 was less than the 13-series, meaning its resale value didn’t hold as well as the iPhone 13.

Will the iPhone 15 Prove a Winner for Apple?

Hopefully the iPhone 15 receives a warmer reception than the iPhone 14 did, in general. Apple smartphones have always been the leader in terms of value retention, but the iPhone 14 did fall behind somewhat in comparison to previous models. Keep your eye out for SellCell’s iPhone 15 upgrade intention survey, which will give us an insight into whether the new range is likely to prove a success for the mighty brand.