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Last updated January 17, 2024


Cellular Buybacks

We would like to give a warm welcome to our latest buyback partner – Cellular Buybacks.

Specialising in purchasing used mobile phones and boasting over ten years of industry knowledge, Cellular Buybacks are a great addition to the SellCell.com network, offering impressive rates for numerous devices in a range of conditions.

During their time in the industry, the Arizona based buyback company has made over $15 million in mobile purchases across the whole of the US. This hasn’t always been the case, starting with a desk made of cardboard boxes and buying just one or two phones at a time, the business has slowly and steadily become a strong and stable company providing an exceptional service to all customers.

Cellular Buybacks take pride in their customer service. Like all top buyback companies, they abide by numerous core values helping to build trust between both the customer and the company. To ensure the customer gets the best price for their mobile, every quote comes with a 30 day price lock, ensuring the initial price that was quoted will not change.

When selling your mobile phone with Cellular Buybacks, you can expect to gain cash for your old or new mobile phone within 24 hours of the company receiving a device. They will monitor the condition of your device as well as process payment to the customer all within this short period of time.

The customer has two options when delivering their cell phone to Cellular Buybacks, you could either receive a pre-paid postage label to your email address or they will send a padded two-way mailer to your home. If for whatever reason the customer does not agree on the condition, a revised offer will be sent. If the price cannot be agreed, they will return the customer’s device free of charge.

SellCell.com are proud to announce Cellular Buybacks as the latest buyback company to join our network. With over 30 different companies working alongside our network, visit our website to find the best price for your cell phone.