Samsung Get Stung By Additional 707 Million USD

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Samsung Get Stung By Additional 707 Million USDThe war between these guys will never calm down until one goes out of a business I think, and that’s exactly what Apple seem to be running for. Apple are now looking to hit South Korean based Samsung with an additional $707 million in damages for patent infringement.

This was first announced late on Friday 21st when Apple also filed a motion asking the judge for a U.S. sales ban against Samsung phones.

You have to think if this motion goes through that Samsung may find it hard to recover.

It will mean that a total of $1.7 billion will have been paid out to Apple, as well as the considerable loss that they may be faced with if the U.S. ban comes into force. A reported 26 of their phones will be taken off shop shelves…ouch!

Whether they pay the $707 million if found guilty, in 5 cent coins, in 30 lorries again is another matter.

“The harm to Apple was deliberate, not accidental. [Samsung] willfully diluted its trade dress, taking billions in sales in the fast- growing U.S. smartphone market at a key moment in the transition between feature phones and smartphones,” said Apple attorneys in the court papers.

Want to see a breakdown of the $707 million?

point $400 million for design infringement

point $135 million for willful infringement of Apple’s utility patents

point  $121 million in supplemental damages

point $50 million of prejudgement interest on damages

This all goes to court in early December so it will be a nerve racking time for Samsung who are also looking to sue Apple for the LTE technology that is present on the new iPhone. Either way, Apple or Samsung will get an early Christmas present depending on the outcome that will be announced around 6th December.

Do you think the battle between these two giants is getting stupid now?