Old Cell Phones Help Cell Phone Recycling

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Cell phones are to put to use helping Kenyans to understand the need for the recycling of used cell phones and other forms of electronic waste in a new bid by the government to try and increase the efficiency of e-waste management in the country.

“We will sensitize all Kenyans on the need to apply modern technology towards waste management and apply modern ways of recycling those materials we are able to,” says the PS of the Ministry of Environment, Ali Mohammed.  Under the new scheme, local communities will be taught how to use I-call technology for issues such as conservation and sustainable environmental management.  Cell phones are ironically set to be used to spread information about environmental conservation and the importance of recycling items such as old cell phones, an idea that could drastically reduce the careless dumping of old electrical items in the country.

“The immediate benefits of the project will be enhanced awareness and education platform for environmental messages, which in turn will influence positive change of attitude towards environmental waste management,” Mohammed says, adding that the great majority of the people in Kenya do not, as it currently stands, have enough knowledge about the impact of the improper disposal of electronic devices on both the environment and on human health to be able to make informed choices.  “The local community will be involved by sending them story based learning through SMS with messages teaching them on how to dispose of the electronic waste materials,” he adds.