New Phone for Christmas?

New Phone for Christmas? Here’s the Best Places to Sell Your Old Phone for the Most Cash

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Last updated August 11, 2022

If a new smartphone is currently topping your Christmas list, why not reduce the cost by cashing in on your old ho-ho-handset?

2021 is thankfully almost over, but let’s not pore over the past, for now. Instead, let’s look towards the future. The very near future. Because Christmas is just around the corner! Aaaagh! That’s right, the season of goodwill has come around faster than you can chug an entire cup of egg-nog in one go.

Like most people, you (or a loved one) probably have some sort of list. An expensive new smartphone like the new iPhone 13 Max Pro 1TB may well be at the top of such a list. This could leave you thinking “how on earth am I going to afford one of those?!

Well, never fear, as Santa’s favorite smartphone price comparison site, SellCell, has got just the solution. Trade your old handset in! That’s right. If you’ve got an old handset sitting gathering dust, then why not see how much it is worth? You might get a pleasant surprise, and earn a fistful of Christmas dollars to put towards that shiny new smartphone eyeballing you from atop that Christmas wishlist.

The sterling advice doesn’t stop there, though. How about we make your Christmas infinitely easier and tell you where to go to trade that handset in? We truly are the festive gift that keeps on giving, right?! Wanna make some cash to put towards your gifts for the kids or your other half? Read on.

The Best Places to Trade-In Your Old Smartphone

OK, so you’ve grabbed a handful of old smartphones from the cupboard and you’re itching to see how much Christmas cash you can earn. Try these solutions out for size.


If you want the best price for your smartphone (or any tech, in fact), then you should use a price comparison service like SellCell. SellCell is so confident in giving you the best price available, that it has a “double the difference” best price guarantee backing up each quote. Can you get more elsewhere? Unlikely, but if by some Christmas miracle you find a better price, SellCell will refund double the difference.

That, and a pool of over 45 trusted buyback vendors, makes SellCell the wisest choice for canny phone owners.


“Sell Your Devices the Easy Way,” reads GadgetGone‘s tagline, and that you can with the simple service it provides. You can choose from a selection of different devices, not just smartphones. So, if you’ve got a redundant Mac Mini or an old tablet doing nothing, get to GadgetGone!


Old, unwanted smartphones generally make up a part of our clutter. If you’ve got handsets residing at the back of a drawer full of junk, then allow Decluttr to live up to its name and help you shift some of that detritus. Decluttr is also a great choice if you’ve got old CDs, DVDs, and even books you want to get rid of, not just hardware.

BuyBack Boss

Smartphones, iPads, Apple Watches. What do these things have in common? You can trade them in at BuyBack Boss, of course, and make some money to put towards the teenager’s expensive “new smartphone” request. The process is simple; get your price, ship your phone, get your cash. There’s no run-ins with this boss; with BuyBack Boss, it’s payday EVERY DAY.


If you’ve got an iPhone or Samsung to send off to a new forever home, then iCellGlobal is a great choice. Multiple generations from both brands are fair game for this buyback vendor, so grab cash for your Galaxy or profit on your 8 Plus; the choice is yours with iCellGlobal. All that remains for you to do is spend your cash on people for Christmas!


Blocked, blacklisted, or financed handsets can be the albatross that hangs around the neck of the common phone owner. Allow SellLocked to ease some of the burden by taking your seemingly useless smartphone and magically converting it into cash in your bank. You can even sell in bulk if you’ve got several handsets claiming prime real estate in your bedside drawer.


ItsWorthMore is a magnificent site if you’ve got some slightly more niche products to get rid of. Sure, you can still sell smartphones with ItsWorthMore, but you can convert other tech to cash there, too. See that old NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-series GPU in your old gaming PC? That could be worth over $400; a huge amount of cash to spend on a new smartphone for your loved one. Definitely worth checking out!

There is no better time to support a religious cause than Christmas, so why not fund ministerial work by selling your old smartphone to This buyback vendor will send a check to a ministry of your choice if you decide you want to donate the proceeds from your old handset rather than having the cash. If you opt for a cash payout, pays out within three business days.


GadgetPickUp is another superb option if you’ve got old gadgets to sell, alongside it servicing your smartphone selling needs. You can sell computer components like desktop processors and graphics cards, as well as your old games console. Smartphones from a range of brands—from your more obvious iPhone to your LG handset—are also in demand at GadgetPickUp.


With no hidden fees and zero risk trading to back it up, BuyBackTronics has you covered when it comes to selling your old smartphone. Not only that, you can trade in a mountain of other unwanted tech, too, including Microsoft Surface devices and iMacs. A range of payment options ensures all needs are covered.


TheWhizCells accepts trade-ins for a wide range of handsets, including models like the Motorola Razr 5G or the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. Tablets are also good, so you can trade in your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7+ if those are looking a bit sad and lonely on your shelf. Much better to get them in the hands of someone who’ll use them, while you pocket a wad of bills.


Say “see ya later” to sedentary smartphones and cozy up to some cold hard cash this Christmas, with Gizmogo. A humongous range of tech is accepted by Gizmogo, you could find you’re sitting on a veritable goldmine by the time you’ve finished trading in all your old unwanted tech. Gizmogo prides itself on its green credentials. So, do the planet a favor as well as your wallet, and consider trading with this ecologically minded brand.


EcoATM is an option to consider if you simply must visit a brick and mortar vendor. However, sellers beware; you’re likely to get up to 40% less than you would with a buyback vendor suggested by SellCell, like those listed above. Also, EcoATM is owned by the company formerly known as Gazelle, which pulled out of the market in early 2021. You can get your money in your account in 90 minutes, though. You just won’t get very much of it.


Many consider eBay as a go-to for selling your old gear, and it is a convenient option for some. Especially so if you already sell a lot with the platform. However, keep in mind that you won’t always get the best price, and there are a lot of extra steps involved in selling your handset. With the whole process being less transparent than selling via a trusted buyback vendor like those listed above, eBay should be a last resort.

Now you Know Where to Sell Your Smartphone!

We get it; selling your smartphone can be a bit of a minefield. However, you can let us make your Christmas shopping that bit easier. We already have by opening avenues to make some quick cash, beating the Christmas rush for that smartphone your partner or kids are looking for.

You can find most of the vendors mentioned above by visiting and getting offers not just from those, but from all 45-plus trusted buyback vendors we list on our site. Try it for yourself, and don’t forget we’ve got our best price promise to back up any purchases you make.

Now, it is time you got wrapping those presents you just bought with your extra cash!