iPhone Trade-Ins Soar Over 800 Percent as Consumers Get Ready for the iPhone 5

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Last updated April 11, 2019

iPhone Re-Sales Through beta.sellcell.com Reach Record-Breaking Highs Around iPhone 5 Launch

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 – Anticipation for the new iPhone 5 reached unprecedented levels today as sellcell.com, the leading cell phone recycling price comparison site, reported an over 800 percent increase in iPhone trade-ins during August 2012 compared to the same period last year. The number of consumers looking to recycle their phones has surged, as the company is seeing a record breaking $8 million worth of trade-ins in the UK and US in September 2012 alone. Sellcell.com also reported today:

In the month preceding the iPhone 5 announcement today (August 2012), trade-ins of the iPhone 4S are up almost 450 percent over trade-ins of the iPhone 4 during the month preceding the iPhone 4S announcement (September 2011);

In August 2012, sellcell.com has seen volume of total cell phone recycles rise 725 percent over August 2011;

The average selling price of a device on sellcell.com rose to $146 today (September 12), which is up 84 percent over this time last week.  Sellcell.com is observing that consumers with high-value smartphones are re-selling in anticipation of being able to order the iPhone5;

US consumers can currently get a whopping $385 for an old iPhone 4S, more than enough to cover the on-contract price of the new iPhone 5;

Those consumers looking to trade-up to the iPhone 5 should cash in quickly as the value of an iPhone has depreciated at an average rate of almost 10 percent in both the US and UK since July 2012.

The data from sellcell.com reveals that Apple fans are particularly keen to upgrade their old handsets, as the iPhone 3G 8GB and iPhone 3GS 16GB top the list of the most recycled handsets.

Colin White, managing director for sellcell.com, said, “Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a real surge in traffic to the site, and it is clear that iPhone fanatics can’t wait to get their hands on the new handset. It is now so easy to recycle your old device that consumers can get cash easily, safely and quickly and put that cash towards a shiny new iPhone 5.”  Colin added, “For example, current trade-in values for the iPhone 4S are more than enough to cover the $199 on-contract price of the iPhone 5 and leave additional money to offset any carrier service charges you may incur.”

White also provided tips to consumers looking to trade-in, advising, “If you are planning on trading in your old phone, make sure you take photos of it before sending it off so you have a record of the condition it was in, and wipe it to ensure any data left on the device is deleted from the phone. Most importantly, check a price comparison site before sending to make sure you’re getting the most cash. Prices fluctuate on a daily basis – sometimes hourly –so it is best to lock in your price now while trade-in is still high.”

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Top 10 most recycled cell phones in the USA (based on data from sellcell.com, September 2012)




Highest trade-in price

Lowest trade-in price

1 Apple iPhone 3G 8GB $63 $21
2 Apple iPhone 3G 16GB $118 $18
3 HTC EVO 4G $50 $2
4 Apple iPhone 4 16GB $185 $96
5 Motorola DROID X $35 $7
6 BlackBerry Bold 9700 $83 $28
7 BlackBerry Torch 9800 $110 $45
8 Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB $108 $20
9 HTC INSPIRE 4G $84 $54
10 BlackBerry Bold 9650 $57 $1