Where Can I Watch The Apple Conference?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Image Courtesy of Apple[/caption]

There are a variety of different places where you can watch the Apple conference this morning at 10AM. As we are aware, Apple don’t provide a live stream for these events, although there are a number of blogs both here in the US and in the UK that are going to be reporting on the coverage from start to finish.

These are the following methods we have selected:

Live Stream

There will be a live stream over at UStream – we aren’t sure what the quality is going to be like and streams may go down from time to time. They seemed pretty good earlier on in the year with the iPad launch, so hopefully we can expect the same.

Live Blogs

There are a number of sites covering this aspect:

  1. CNET – Join editors Molly Wood and Brian Tong, and Donald Bell.
  2. MacWorld – Available for both desktop and mobile users
  3. Time Techland – Live coverage here starts at 10AM
  4. Gizmodo – Join the team at Gizmodo who will be covering the event
  5. Gigaom – The coverage here will start a little before 10AM
  6. The Verge – Who did a great job of covering last years event
  7. Apple Insider – Nothing confirmed yet, but they usually cover the conferences so worth keeping an eye out.