When is my old cell phone classed as a non-working cell?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

In my previous article I informed you of the criteria of a fully working cell phone. If you are considering recycling your old cell it is vitally important that you know the different between a ‘working phone’ and ‘non-working phone’. As the value of a ‘non-working phone’ is considerably lower than that of a working phone it is sensible to be prepared to how much you will get for your old cell phone.

If your old cell doesn’t start up or turn off properly your cell is seen as un-working. Although minor general day-to-day wear and tear is acceptable, if the screen is bleeding or broken the phone is seen as not working. This is because a broken or bleeding screen makes it very difficult to view the content of the screen. If you cell has a broken speaker or microphone it is seen as not in working order. They will test the microphones and speaks by putting it through a complete function test when it arrives at the recycling company. If your old cell also has an aerial this must also be in working order and intact.

Don’t think that because your phone fits into these criteria’s that therefore it is worthless as this is not correct. Some recycler’s dependant on the extent of the damage may offer you as must as 90% of the full working cost.

If you are offered a very low price for your cell phone due to the extent of the damage it may be worth considering donating it to a charity. The charity will then send it to a recycler and keep the money. This is a great way to donate money as you don’t have the hassle of writing out a cheque and them money is help up in an object instead of coming out of your bank account; you may even feel like you haven’t donated at all!