Tips for when you recycle your old cell phone.

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Last updated April 12, 2019

As recycling your old cell phone is becoming the craze of 2010 it’s important to not rush into sending your cell to be recycled. As cell phone recycling is still a fairly new thing it can sometimes be difficult to retrieve advice on how this is best done as not everyone’s had the experience of phone recycling. It’s important to look on the next to receive tips and advice.

When you have picked a reputably cell phone recycler that has offered you a reasonable price for your old sell phone you need to then prepare the phone for the company. Remember that you should erase all passwords and personal settings on your phone. This can be easily done manually or by resetting the phone to its factory settings. This is advisable as some recycling company’s restore the phones to there original state and send them to less wealthy countries to be sold. You data will then be received and possible land in the wrong hands. This also applies for any personal data such as photos, songs or contacts.

You must also remember to take the SIM out of your phone as this can be kept. As the SIM stays in the phone it’s easy in the preparation of sending the phone off to forget that this is to be kept by you. Even if you’re getting a new SIM with a contract, store this SIM in case you need a spare.

Make sure the battery is fully charged before you send it off.  It is also advisable to check whether the recycling company will expect the charger. Not all companies request the charger but if they do require it and it’s not sent with the phone this may devalue the phone.

Consider all the above advice when looking at sending your phone off to be recycled.