Why Should I try to sell my Cell Phone?

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Last updated April 11, 2019

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should sell you old cell phone. Dependant on the condition and spec of your phone you could receive up to 90% of the original value of the phone. Even if your phone is classed as ‘non-working’ you may receive more cash than you would expect.

It is also a good idea to recycle you old cell phone to help the environment, by recycling or disposing of your old cell phone in a responsible manner you are consciously making an effort to reduce the pollution of the environment. Cell phone contains toxic materials that are harmful, when put into landfills this toxic waste can leak into the soil. Eventually the toxic waste will then make it’s way into the water, plant life and even animals and humans. So, next time you have an old cell phone do not put it in a rubbish bin instead recycle it and this can be prevented.  Don’t contribute to poisoning the environment any further. Help to prevent the unnecessary contamination of our environment.

Another reason to recycle your old phone is because the working parts can be recycled and reused for other phones. By recycling parts there is less of a demand for the parts to be developed and less demand on the environments.

By reusing parts to create new cell’s means there is less of a demand for new parts to be made which will eventually decrease the value/cost of new cell phones means that the product is more affordable for the public.

If you still are not convince about selling or recycling your old cell then don’t forget the main reason why most people recycle their old cell phones. By ridding yourself of your old phone in a sensible manner you will receive money for the value of your cell.