What Time Is The Apple iPhone Event Today?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The yearly iPhone press event has certainly turned into one of the biggest fixtures of the year when it comes to technology and more specifically Smartphones. For many people out there, it’s an event that has been penciled in for a few weeks.

Apple 2013 Event Invite

The only question now is what time is the event?

Here are the times:

point 10am Pacific Time (Those on the West coast of the USA such as Washington, California, parts of Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho)

point 12pm Central Time (Those that live in the central part of the USA and Canada such as Alabama, Florida and Kansas)

point 1pm Eastern Time (Those on the East coast of the USA such as Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont)

point 6pm Greenwich Meridian Time (Those that are tuning in from across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom)