How You Can Watch The Live Apple Event This Morning

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Last updated January 16, 2024

It has been a long time coming for many of of us, I am of course talking about the Apple Event which will take place later today. If you are unsure on the time the Event kicks off in your timezone then take a look here for a rundown of the times.

Today we will be bringing you our best picks of places that you can follow the live event, from live blog commentary, to live streams of what will be unfolding at Apple HQ.

Live Visual Stream

Apple may be hosting a stream live on their site, we aren’t sure yet whether this will be the case or not.

point UStream – As usual these guys have a countdown page on their homepage, and are set to stream the coverage

Live Blogs

point Christian Today

point Gizmodo

point iDigitalTimes

point My Fox Pheonix

point CNET

point iBTimes

point iClarified

point Engadget

If you have any other sources leave us a comment, we will check it out and update the post for others.

A Look At Past Keynotes

Nostalgia is in the air today, and if you are counting down the clock until this year’s event, then why not take a look back on some of the keynote presentations and product announcements from the past, dating back to Steve Jobs’ October 2010 Speech at the Apple Special Event.