What is the value of My Cell? Well, it could be equivalent to one’s life.

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Many people of in Africa can only dream of the internet but cannot reach it. The systems there are of very low grade and give feeble, sluggish connections that are much too costly to be afforded by a person who earns a medium pay. However, cell-based web can be accessed more easily. That’s why Tanzanians take the help of their cell phone instead of their personal computer if they have to surf online or transmit money by electronic means.

Cell phones and Medical management

Accessing the web through cell phones plays a very significant role in the quality of life of Africans by providing access to adequate medical management and consultation. For example, women of child-bearing age are in constant threat of developing obstetric fistula. It is a problem resulting from problematic childbirth in the absence of appropriate medical treatment. It is a frightening condition and women with obstetric fistula land up being expelled by families and society. However, using web through cell phones, women are capable of arranging treatment service for themselves. This service would then despatch them the required bus fare through cell banking to transport these patients to a treatment team. If there hadn’t been any cell phone, these women would be destined to being life-long outcasts.

What is the cost of my Cell Phone?

Our cell phones are frequently recycled and sent outside to underdeveloped countries so that the poor people there get an opportunity to own a cell phone which is otherwise impossible for them to afford. And, as it has been shown previously, cell phone technology acts like a life-giver to them, than just working as a convenience. So, use the option of recycling your cell because it’s worth someone else’s life.