What is the true worth of your Cell Phone?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

You must not underestimate the true worth of your Cell phone, as you never know how important it could be for our planet.

The main aim at SellCell is to fetch you maximum money for any of your old Cell phones even though we strongly believe that no amount of cash or vouchers can really justify its worth. Here’s why:

  • The worth of its parts: Every single time that you recycle your old Cell, the individual components are re-used. It automatically reduces the need for manufacturing new parts, further lessening the need to procure raw material by mining the earth.
  • The worth of your peace of mind: The Cell that you send for recycling becomes a part of refurbishment plan. This scheme has a tremendous potential of providing a new life in an underdeveloped country like in Africa. The local health services in these countries use their Cell internet to send money to people suffering from serious medical illnesses, which they use for bus fare to get to the nearest clinic and get themselves treated.
  • The worth of the future: As we all are aware of the drastic consequences of recycling electronic waste that is extremely toxic, it is not only imperative but also very easy that any Cell is kept away from trash.

After all the significant reasons mentioned above highlighting the true worth of your old Cell phone, saving lives as well as the planet, you will surely agree that your phone is worth more than the cash that it gets you!