We love and hate our cell phones

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It is official: Americans both love and hate their new and old cell phones, with many saying that they can no longer imagine their life without them.  A survey released this weekend shows that people have mixed emotions when it comes to the cellular devices, with many people saying that they use their cell phones in order to save time, but then worry that they are spending far too much time on them.

Sixty-seven percent of cell phone owners check their phones for alerts, calls, or messages even when they have not noticed it either ringing or vibrating, according to the Pew Internet survey.  Forty-four percent of owners have slept with the cell phones close to their bed so as not to miss any important calls or messages, while 29 percent cannot imagine living without their mobiles.

However, the survey respondents also demonstrated the concerns inherent at always being available, with 11 percent of cell phone owners fearing that they spend too much time using the devices. Twelve percent of respondents have been told by friends and family that they spend too much time using their devices.  Thirty-nine percent of owners have also heard complaints from people that say they did not reply to messages or calls quickly enough.

Although 65 percent say that the devices help them to stay in touch with their loved ones better, nine percent complain that cell phones are making it harder for them to switch off from work life.