Voluntary Used Cell Phone Ban

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A voluntary ban on drivers using new or old cell phones near parks in Marble Falls in the United States could be implemented if a suggestion by city leaders receives enough popular support.

There are two children’s playgrounds near each other on a busy street in Johnson Park in Marble Falls, and parents have had several near misses with their children and drivers who were not paying attention while behind the wheel of their motor vehicles.
“It is really dangerous,” says local resident Tammie Dunn, who takes her two year old son Dallas to the park on a regular basis.  “They are on the phone all the time, they are texting and driving.  It is crazy.” Dunn has been so concerned by the issue that she has gotten behind the idea of a voluntary ban on using cell phones for drivers who are driving near parks, which has been suggested by city leaders.  The use of cell phones while driving in school zones is already illegal throughout the state, while Austin City Council has also made it a crime to be driving and texting at any point in the city.

If City Council members decide to go ahead with the idea of a voluntary ban, signs and notices could be erected in the area in just the next few months.  While voluntary, Dunn believes most drivers would cooperate with the ban.  “It would get them thinking,” she believes.