Used Cell Phones – Like a Banned Drug?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A Nobel laureate claims that used cell phones are without a doubt damaging to human health and that if they were a drug, they would be banned instantly.  Devra Davis, an oncologist who has won the Nobel Prize, says that she once used cell phones – around three at once, in fact – but quickly gave them up when she realized just how dangerous they in fact really were.
Davis claims that our brain cells are dying off every time that we used a cell phone and has gone on a campaign to warn people about their dangers, even going to the extent of writing a book entitled “Disconnect”, urging people to get away from their cell phones as much as possible or at the very least to take precautionary measures to limit their exposure to the electromagnetic radiation that is produced by the devices.
“There is a misconception that if something is being sold, it is safe to buy it,” Davis told Today’s Zaman in an interview.  “This is wrong… The microwave radiation between a cell phone and a cell tower that is emitted when we do not use it is very harmful.  The body and the brain absorb half of this microwave radiation.  While we are speaking on the phone, because of the microwave radiation, our brain cells begin to die… The technology sector ignores the problems and acts as if there is no problem.”