Used Cell Phone Etiquette

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Using new or old cell phones in a way that does not become bad manners has become a hot topic in recent times, but fortunately the experts say there are a few basic tips that can be followed to ensure that your cell phone call does not become a cell phone bore for everyone else in the room.

One of those tips is to respect cell phone “quiet zones”.  A recent study from Cornell University says that those who can hear other people’s cell phone conversations in close proximity are not just annoyed by them, but are actually having their cognitive performance compromised as a result.  This particularly applies for those people who have to spend a large part, if not all, of their working day surrounded by such beeps and ring tones that signify incoming calls or voice messages.

One of the biggest sources of cell phone irritation is “Cell yell”.  This refers, of course, to those people who don’t just talk on their used cell phones, but who shout, yell or seem to be talking inordinately loudly, apparently in a bid to be heard by everyone they can, not just the person on the other end who they are supposedly talking to.

Perhaps the most important tip of all of course is the one regarding cell phone use and driving, which is possibly the simplest of them all – do not do it.