Texting Beats Talking on Used Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Texting, mobile based instant messaging and even video chatting are rising to combat old fashioned talking as the preferred method of communication via used cell phones in the United States, according to a new survey.  The survey says that Americans are now talking on their new and old cell phones for as much as half an hour a month less than they were doing just two years ago back in 2009, according to research firm J.D Power.

Fewer calls are being received or made on cell phones but that does not translate to a similar fall in overall communication.  On the contrary, that fall is actually offset by the rise in use of text messaging, video chatting, emailing, and instant messaging, with wireless customers apparently sending over 500 texts each and every month.  The growing popularity of texting over talking is perhaps only underscored by the fact that more and more chiropractors are seeing patients suffering from symptoms caused by chronic texting, otherwise known as “text neck”.  Texting while driving is also becoming an ever-growing concern, with research finding a link between drivers who text and much higher risks on the road.

However, while texting is currently the most popular activity, cell phone-based instant messaging services is also beginning to rise in prominence, a factor which seems set to only increase the reduction in actual voice communication.