Do Your Part: Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

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Every single one of us is guilty of stashing away things we don’t use anymore for whatever reason:

“That was expensive.  It seems a shame to throw it away.”

“It is still in good working order; maybe I should keep it.”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll use it again someday.”

Of course, once it reaches that stash point, it is rarely (if ever) used again.  In fact, most old cell phones can sit in a drawer for years going unused until someone has a clear out and finally tosses it away. What a shame!

Imagine the life that old cell phone could have had if you’d only decided to recycle it instead.

A few minutes spent on Sell Cell right now and you could not only be on your way to getting money for your old cell phone, but your old cell phone could be on its way to a new life.

“That was expensive.  I’ll bet I can get good money for it – money I can put towards something else.”

“It is still in good working order.  I should sell it to someone who can put it to good use.”
“I’ll never use that old cell phone again and, in a couple of years or less, I’ll have another newer cell phone to deal with.  Maybe I should recycle this one now before it collects too much dust.”

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