Used Cell Phone Blockers Get Hacked

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco in the United States who have raised controversy by blocking used cell phone signals at the time of a planned demonstration on their subway systems, have themselves come under attack from notorious hacker group Anonymous, who hacked into their systems and released sensitive information of around 2400 of their customers in response to their cell phone blocking escapades.

A spokeswoman from Bay Area Rapid Transit says that the company has no regrets about the actions that it says it took to protect public safety, and would do the same thing again without public consultation if they once more believed it to be appropriate, but the hacker group was certainly not impressed, noting that they felt BART’s actions were more about protecting themselves from unwanted attention than protecting the public, with the planned demonstration having been in relation to two men who were killed by California law enforcement officers.

“BART has proved multiple times that they have no problem exploiting and abusing the people,” the hacker group says in a statement.  “First they displayed this by the two recent killings by BART police… Non-lethal weapons were available to use during both incidents, providing even that was necessary, but instead they shot to kill.  Next they violated the people’s right to assembly… by blocking cell phone signals in order to stop a protest against the BART police murders.”