Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility

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On Monday, Google and Motorola announced that they are joining forces, with the makers of Android now buying Motorola Mobility for the sum of $12.5 billion US.  The move is seen as both positive and wise, putting Google in a much better position to compete with chief rival Apple.

The one thing Apple has going for it that Google does not is the ability to effortlessly tie together a mobile OS with a mobile phone.  Android, while certainly a strong operating system, has so far relied upon hardware manufactured by others, including Motorola.  However, with this acquisition, Google will now be able to design and manufacture its own hardware; creating tablets and smartphones specifically designed to work seamlessly with Android.

In Silicon Valley, the acquisition is being met with loads of attention as its biggest acquisition since 2008.  For Google, it’s the biggest acquisition ever.

Legally, buying Motorola Mobility puts Google in a better position to defend itself in the patent wars.  The acquisition of Motorola brings with it the rights to over 17,000 patents.

Of course, in amongst all of the good news are some concerns.  Analysts predict that behind their respective closed doors, the companies that make handsets for Android will be worried that Google will start favouring Motorola, providing those handsets with the latest features first.

With Motorola joining Google and Nokia teaming up with Microsoft, 2012 should be an interesting year for mobile phone technology.  It’s rather exciting, all of this anticipation.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s ahead.