Three Introduces a Latest Tariff Plan for Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

What more do you need? A new unrestricted data usage tariff has just been launched.

When network companies like O2 are busy contemplating new ways of charging or rationing data on their networking system, Three UK launched this new tariff.

This new tariff plan is the latest version of the One Plan from this firm. It now includes unlimited data, 5,000 ‘Three-to-Three’ minutes, 2,000 minutes to any other network and 5,000 texts. Quite surprisingly, the cost of the SIM starts from just £25 per month for a contract for 12 months.

A very recent report says that the networking companies are facing problem in coping up with increased data usage. They have pleaded with the handset manufacturing companies to help them out with funds but unfortunately no company has given a positive reply to this. In such a situation, Three UK’s offering of unlimited data usage to customers is quite striking.

Ernest Doku of, a price comparison site said to the Daily Telegraph, “Data has long been offered as a premium service by mobile networks even though smartphones have become ever more dependant on this component of a tariff. The One Plan will make it much easier for consumers to make the most of their mobile without the worry of exceeding any fair usage limit.”

After conducting a survey, Google revealed that data usage per month is about 450mb on average. But this trend is likely to rise. The figure is given in relation to the Android customers of Google. Other platforms may vary in their opinion.

Will this new plan help Three UK to maintain their market share?  Watch this space.