Three Android Applications For Graphic Design Wannabes

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The field of graphic design has for decades been a lucrative way in which to hone artistic skills and earn a living. As our traditional world gives way to one in which advanced technology becomes the status quo, the primary focus of graphic design has moved from ink and paper to pixels and kilobytes. As such, the graphic design industry has been turned upside down as more and more people seek to establish themselves in this field.

Several reasons for this trend include an increased demand for graphic design services and a proliferation of tools and technology that make graphic design much easier to learn. In the case of mobile applications, hundreds of utilities exist that can help budding graphic designers learn more about this exciting trade. Below, we will review three of these apps and outline how each can help a graphic design wannabe learn the basics.


Anyone who has used Adobe Photoshop will most likely tell you that its ease of use is a huge benefit in the world of graphic design. With the option to edit and add layers, tweak colour settings and apply any number of filters, this program is packed with customization features. Unfortunately, all of this can be very intimidating for some at first. This is where an app like PhotoshopSkillz can be so valuable: users will be able to browse dozens of different lessons and tutorials for anything from lighting effects to custom images. The tutorials that are included cover various versions of Photoshop, including CS3, CS4 and CS5 – you will not have to fret nor struggle to find a relevant tutorial for your version. Available on Google Play, the PhotoshopSkillz app can be downloaded for free and will help any new graphic design artist learn the basics of Photoshop.

Infinite Painter Free

Android tablet users have an increased amount of flexibility when it comes to graphic design, with apps like Infinite Painter Free making it possible. Functional on all Samsung Note devices, the Infinite Painter Free app provides its users with the ability to create high definition paintings using nearly two dozen different brushes and pencils. The app recognizes certain elements like stylus sensitivity in order to mimic real-life painting conditions. Various forms of symmetry can be activated to achieve desired results, and the created images can be exported to any other device via email. A premium version of this app also exists, but the free version of Infinite Painter is enough to give new graphic designers a taste of modern painting prowess.

Infinite Design

Developed by the same individuals who created Infinite Painter, the Infinite Design app allows users to edit canvas and create custom layers that replicate a variety of traditional graphic design and painting scenarios. Users can merge and duplicate custom or inserted images, edit paths and quickly undo or redo actions with a simple tap. Other special effects like blurring, embossing and shadowing are also included, and all data and creations can be saved and exported for use in a variety of other programs – including Infinite Painter. Available for $2.99, this powerful design tool can be found on Google Play.

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