5 Efficient Android Apps That Make Project Management A Less Daunting Task

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With all that planning, collaborating, and execution of projects, a project manager’s job can be very tedious. However, all these tasks play a pivotal role behind the success of the projects and the business ultimately, and so a project manager always seems to face the inevitable burden of planning, organizing, and managing projects.


Thankfully though, technology has project management covered with the help of some incredible apps and software. What follows is a list of five such noteworthy apps that make project management a lot less daunting and serve as the ultimate tools to help you manage your projects efficiently.


Evernote is undoubtedly one of the best apps available in the market when it comes to managing and storing your precious notes and whatever other essential information that you might have regarding your project. Besides, Evernote supports a wide range of project management features that include storing important project files, storing web pages, collaborating on notes that you might have taken, storing project ideas, to-do lists, audio notes, images, and much more. Furthermore, Evernote is an app that allows its users to sync, manage, organize, and share all notes, ideas, and information across all the devices that they use, effortlessly. Overall, Evernote serves as a brilliant platform to manage your project work and instantly increase your productivity.


If you are looking for an efficient tool to help you manage your project like a pro, DropBox is the app you’re looking for. DropBox is an exceptional app that serves as a ubiquitous cloud based back up platform and an outstanding file-sharing tool. DropBox allows its users to synchronize their desktops with their portable devices. So essentially, users can save all their important files, ideas, and project notes on their desktop and access it from any other computer or portable device, seamlessly! Be it images, documents, videos, word files, presentations, word files, and much more, all these can be easily edited, saved, and shared between multiple devices with the help of DropBox.


PrinterShare can prove to be an extremely handy app for all your document printing and sharing work on the go! Regardless of where you might be, with the help of this nifty app, you can send information to printers at home or at the office. Whether you need to print PDF files, office documents, presentations, notes, and much more from your device to a printer which could be right next to you or even across the globe, PrintShare allows you to print instantly anywhere and anytime from your Android device! It even allows you to print images, emails from your Gmail account including attachments, contacts, web pages, and other digital content that you might have stored in the internal memory of your device. For project management, this is a great way to share information, documents, and reports.

Liquid Planner

If you are looking for an easy and professional online project management software in order to get more done, Liquid Planner is one app that you should definitely consider. Designed with an interface that is easy to use, Liquid Planner is an extremely functional app that is packed with a number of handy features for project management. Professional planning, scheduling, time tracking, and file sharing are some of the features that are included. Furthermore Liquid Planner also allows users to browse projects, view tasks, participate in comment streams, track time, edit and create new tasks, view attached files, see deadlines, manage the entire teams portfolio of projects, and so on.

Teamwork PM

Teamwork is yet another incredible project management app you can lay your hands on. This is a free app that is equipped with a host of amazing features that help users bring out maximum productivity. With the help of this app you can see the latest activity of your projects, start important projects, track project milestones, assign tasks to users, and more. Further, the app has a very simple and intuitive interface which is extremely easy to use. Users can also use the app to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues and other team members. Overall, this is a great project management software application that helps managers, staff, and team members work together online productively.

This post has been contributed by Jenny Wadlow, an employee at Procept Consulting, a company offering an array of project management services. He is quite passionate about his work and he indulges in billiards and basketball when he gets free.