Should You Sell Samsung Galaxy S3 Handsets In Favor Of The Galaxy S4?

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Last updated February 14, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was Samsung’s first Smartphone to rival the competition coming from Apple and their dominating iPhone series. The Galaxy S3 was released in May 2012 and took the world by storm with its Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and quad-core processor.

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The Galaxy S4 was released just under a year later in April 2013, with its initial announcement coming a month earlier. The S4 had increased processor speed, an upgraded OS, and a general spec overhaul.

One of the biggest spec increases was moving from an 8MP camera to a 13MP camera, which was capable of 4128 x 3096 pixel resolution.

They question is, if you already own a Samsung Galaxy S3, then is it worth upgrading to the S4 now?

If you are an Android or Samsung fan then you most likely upgraded a few months ago when the Galaxy S4 was officially launched, but if you are considering making the switch now then I would personally think about trading in your Galaxy S3 within the next few months.

The Facts:

point The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to continue dropping, albeit slowly.

point We will most likely see a Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in April next year

point If you own the Galaxy S3 and haven’t upgraded to the S4 by the end of the year, then you might as well wait it out until the next Galaxy S series launch.

What Are The Trade In Prices?

Depending on which carrier you are with will depend on the price. At the moment you can get anything from $200 to $229.

If it’s the S4 you want to trade in then the prices range from $323 to $376.