The Rise Of The Android

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The rise of the Smartphone in recent years has been incredible and many people nowadays can’t live without the. They can be used in every aspect of our day to day lives, banking, shopping; you can even book a holiday using your phone now. Many of us associate the term Smartphone with the Iphone however this is slowly changing due to the rise in the Android.


They offer a similar service to the Iphone and cost much less and often looks equally impressive on the eye. It is important that you look around and research the market in order to sift out the best phone to suit your budget and your interests and needs. The market is extremely saturated and therefore if you shop around enough you will find a company that will offer you there perfect contract.

It is important to make sure that you don’t spend over the odds, make use of price comparison websites and also visit the physical shops. This article will chart the rise of the Android and compare them to the other phones on the market.

iPhone Competition

The Iphone has dominated the Smartphone market for many years now but the Android is showing itself as a viable and competitive rival. Both phones offer a similar service and look great, the gulf between the two nowadays is extremely slight. It really does come down to preference, Blackberry’s have taken a backseat and the androids accession to power is gradual but consistent paced.

People are clocking on to the fact that they don’t have to break the bank per month to have an Iphone when they can have an Android for half the price and the same functionality. While the Iphone is still the choice if businessmen, the general persons choice is becoming the Android for the reason I mentioned.

We are in a period of economic uncertainty and if we can get the same service for a much lesser price then it only seems logical that people will choose that option. In the coming years I can only see the gulf tightening and in 5 years I believe the android will have total control of the Smartphone market.

Brilliance of Apps

Apps are one of the greatest appeals of Smartphone’s. They allow you to play games, check you bank balance, book holidays and do your shopping in the greatest of speeds. We are all becoming dependent on the internet and having constant access to it, like you do on one of these brilliant phones is ideal.

In addition the prominence of the Smartphone in the business world has meant that the quality of app has had to improve and companies such as Made with Marmalade have flourished as a result of it.


They are much cheaper per month that an Iphone and that is one of the biggest turn ons for potential buyers, they get the same service for half the price and arguably Androids look better aswell,

I can genuinely see this trend continuing and the android will engulf the whole market.