The Definitive Guide To Getting The Most Cash For Your Phone

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Last updated March 12, 2024

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We look at all the options and help you find the best place to get top dollar for you cell phone or tablet device.

A Little About Old Cell Phones

Old Cell Phones

What do you do with your old cell phone when you move on to a new model. Some Americans will pass their phone on to someone else, most leave the device to languish in a draw or box gathering dust & loosing value. A recent survey* found consumers are sitting on over $9bn of phones in US draws & boxes!

In practice, less than 10% of devices ever get recycled. Here at we think that is a real shame. A shame for the environment, because most of the contents of those draws & boxes are destined for landfill.

This is a shame because that is Billions of Dollars going to waste, when in these hard times we all need a few more dollars in our pockets. A shame, because that piece of last year’s tech could mean the world to someone.

How To Get The Most Cash


Your old phone could be someone’s first window onto the internet. As we said it is a shame, but what choice do we have?

Well you could sell your phone on eBay, or Craigslist, or you could trade it in with your Carrier when you renew you contract, or you could sell it to one of those nice companies on TV. They are all good option’s and certainly better than doing nothing whilst the value of your gadget drops continually in value.

Well let’s think about the options:

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point eBay that’s always good – the thrill & excitement of the auction verses the time spent & anxiety about the outcome.

point What about if you choose a cell phone buyback company off the TV, are you sure you are getting the best deal? Remember someone has to pay for the expensive TV ad campaign – it could be you!

point Another option is to trawl the internet to find the best price, but that is a lot of work & it is hit & miss.

point Craigslist it local & accessible, but do you worry who is going to turn up to buy your old phone. Well there is always your Carrier – you know you can trust them.

…but isn’t it like selling your car, you know you will not get top dollar when you trade in at the dealership, but heck what choice do you have ?

Here at SellCell we do believe you have a choice, we believe you deserve more cash for or old cellphone and we know that we can give you the choice of buyback offers from some of top companies in the business. By comparing the top offers in the market we know we can get you more dollars in your pocket. In fact we are so cock sure of ourselves we back up our fine words with hard cash!

We guarantee you get the best price or we will pay double the difference. Now where we come from that’s called putting your money where your mouth is.

We make sure we know the buyers we list on our site. These are all professional buyers who ensure your devices are data wiped and that you get top dollar for your old phone.

How to Sell Your Phone


At we compare the market so you don’t have to.

Step 1: Compare Cell Phone Trade In Prices

Use the search box at the top of the page to search for the cell phone or tablet that you want to sell.

Step 2: Choose the best deal

We compare prices from leading cell phone trade in buyers across the US to find you the best price for the device you want to sell. All you have to do is choose which buyback company you want to sell your device to. Easy peasy.

Step 3: Ship your device

After you’ve chosen a phone trade in company, follow the simple instructions to ship your device to them.

Step 4: Get paid!

Once the cell phone trade in company has received and checked your device there’s no messing about – you’ll get your cash straight away. Sold!

Don’t Forget To Reset Your Phone!