Ten Signs you need a Break from Gaming

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Last updated January 17, 2024

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There are definite signs that gamers should watch for that may indicate they need a break from gaming. Of course, gamers know that taking an actual extended break from gaming can be painful – unfortunately it may be necessary to cure these symptoms.


– Your hand is stuck in the shape of your controller or PC playing position. This creates an effect that may be frightening to young children and parental figures.

Gaming Hand


– You start using game-lingo in everyday conversation with non-gamers. For example, you tell your boss you need a raise because “<insert name of your favorite game currency here> doesn’t grow on trees!”

coworkers talking


– A similar effect occurs when you actually think in game or Internet lingo. This effect is shown when you find something funny and actually think the letters, “L O L” in your head. This is very difficult to reverse once you hit the point where you actually speak the acronyms aloud instead of just thinking them.



– You are unable to pinpoint the exact date of your last shower. This is a problem that should be corrected as soon as possible as this problem can lead to other issues such as your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friends spraying you down with a bottle of Febreze.



– Your favorite gaming chair has a permanent imprint of your behind on it. Occasionally adjusting position while you play may lessen this effect for a period of time.

gaming chair


– You realize that you know more about your MMO friend’s personal lives than you do about your “real life” friend’s personal lives. This problem can be solved by forcing “real life” friends to play your favorite games with you.



– You have a “gamer’s tan.” You know – that lovely pasty glow that suggests you have not seen the sun in months. Unfortunately, the only established cure for this is actually going outside.

World of Warcraft#8

– You develop constant tennis elbow when you have never touched a tennis racquet in your life. The Nintendo Wii has temporarily destroyed many an elbow.

Tennis elbow


– You refer to your real friends that play games with you by their game handles or names instead of their real names. This can be confusing for parents, coworkers, and non-gamer acquaintances.

death soul


– You are in or playing your favorite game in your dreams. This probably means that you play too much – with a slightly smaller possibility that most of the other things you do (e.g. work, school, etc.) are way to boring to make a good dream out of.

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