Stick ‘Em Up, It’s a Cell Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A man is under arrest after attempting to stage an armed robbery with a used cellular phone charger.  The incident occurred in Lansing in the United States when a man walked into a gas station on South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard on Wednesday evening and attempted to rob the place by pretending the old cellular phone charger was a pistol and telling the cashier to hand over the station’s money or else.  The cashier, presumably not quite dim enough to believe that a cell phone charger intended for use in a vehicle was actually a gun, refused and called the police instead.  At this point, the robber dropped his not so cunning cell phone charger gun ruse and then attempted to jump over the counter and take the money by force instead, only to run off when the cashier resisted and pushed him back over the counter.

In an even more amusing twist to the tale, the would be armed robber apparently also dropped his keys during the altercation, and then had the audacity to try to return to the gas station in order to collect them just a few minutes later, only to find that by that time the police had arrived and were waiting for him, the cell phone charger presumably presenting no threat to them either.

Lt Noel Garcia of the Lansing Police Department says the 47-year-old man will be arraigned on armed robbery charges on Friday afternoon.